Take the Trump Cognitive Test

Of course the left is mocking the test, saying it’s easy. But they are only reporting the easy parts.

Have someone give you the test. See how you do.

18 Comments on Take the Trump Cognitive Test

  1. Just like Mr. President said Very Stable Genius,you could see and hear the disappointment in the press when the Doc. gave a clean bill of health. They are pitiful!

  2. The most disgusting thing I read about yesterday’s press briefing w/POTUS Trump’s doctor was when he was asked if he could give Trump’s life expectancy based on his assessment. What a thoroughly hateful thing to ask, knowing that Baron, Melania, their children, their grandchildren and all the people who love them, could be hearing that. Detestable.

  3. The Doc was not qualified to administer that test. Trump cheated. Strange that he requested it. He must have been coached. I want a Special Prosecutor. Now.

  4. Here’s a much simpler test:
    Do you believe that capitalism is superior to Marxism as a system of economics and governance?
    Yes = Congratulations, you are a stable genius
    No = Sorry, we need to institutionalize you for the protection of society

  5. My dad had Alzheimer’s, that test always pissed him off.
    When he would go to the doctor early in the disease he would grit his teeth and say.
    Are they going to ask me those damn questions?
    It was was sad but fascinating to watch him struggle with easy visual things like the animals.

    I want to know Killary and Bills score

  6. I flunked the date. Heck since retirement, I don’t even care if I know the DAY of the week, except for baconless Fridays and the Sabboth (for Mass).


    Our PDJT iS a stable genius.

  7. My mother passed that test when we were trying to be appointed her guardian and she did not know if she was walking or riding horseback most of the time.

  8. So how did Obama do on that test? What, the results have been sealed and Obama’s lawyers are threatening anyone who tries to get them in public view and they’ve billed well over a million dollars so far making sure they stay sealed. Um, was it campaign donations he used to pay the lawyers because that’s very much against the law. Nobody is asking about that? I guess it’s good to be Obama.

  9. Re the AP mouthpiece who asked his life expectancy, Dr. Jackson should’ve said “he’ll outlive CNN, MSNBC, & the rest of you hacks by many, many years”.


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