Tax Reform Bonuses Has Left Acting Like Scrooge

Just before Christmas, President Donald Trump signed the tax reform legislation into law, just in time for a number of companies to announce to their employees that they will be receiving a bonus this year, thanks to the change in the tax code.

Rather than celebrate the windfall to working people across the nation, the left is “Bah-humbugging” the generosity of America’s employers.


6 Comments on Tax Reform Bonuses Has Left Acting Like Scrooge

  1. So let me understand this…
    All the turds in the punch bowl who pay no taxes and don’t work aren’t getting a reduction or bonuses?
    How unfair!

  2. I used to have an acquaintance like that. I couldn’t tell her any good thing that happened to me because she would turn it around and whine that she never got *whatever*. I asked her once why she just couldn’t be happy for me and she never really answered; just grumbled some more.

  3. Envy. To people who only see a finite pie with finite number of pieces, there is only so much to go around. They don’t understand basic economics, including the idea that the more financially stable and well-off people there are, the greater the opportunity for themselves to trade their skills/talents in the market place.

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