Ted Cruz Has Said It A Lot: “Trump Is For Single Payer” – Is He Right?

C. Steven Tucker, a Cruz delegate and a healthcare specialist says it’s time to set the record straight.

(PDF of Chapter 7 of Crippled America by Donald Trump)

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  1. We need to get the insurance companies out of the health care marketplace.
    Why do I need to buy a health plan from insurance companies?

    The markup is thru the roof. Look at the major cities in this country.
    There is always a multi story bank and insurance company building.
    Insurance companies are a high profit company.

  2. This is good stuff from CS Tucker. I did have my doubts about this claim, but he did the heavy lifting for me.

    As a long time (pre-presidential) Cruz supporter, I still do my homework and do not follow blindly. He needs to stop it on this particular front. Because the media, the GOPe, and the opposing candidates are currently doing a pretty good smear job on Cruz painting him as a dihonest person and a sleazy politician. The whole stealing Iowa story is BS but has been repeated so many times, it became factual in the lofo public minds.

    That doesn’t mean that Cruz should stop hitting where it’s fair. And Trump has more bare targets than any candidate out there. Heck, he exposed a couple more this past Saturday with Planned Parenthood and the whole Bush43 knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, yet he sent out sons and daughters to the Middle East crap.

  3. The record shows there were no WMD, Bush admitted it. His blaming bad intel is up for everyone to decide if it was a lie or not. Mangling what Trump said about PP is a personal issue as well

  4. yet Trump is for Universal Health Care With NO plan to pay for it…but no single payer..

    at least Sanders admits Sanders Univeral Health Care to be paid by Federal Taxes

  5. So Aggie, we can agree that Trump’s position is that Bush43 lied? And it is up for “everyone” to decide if they agree with Trump? According to Trump it was a whole conspiracy to fabricate enough evidence so that he could justify a Gulf war and send our troops?

  6. Trump publicly I call you in his own words said he supports single payer. The wife cheating man is a morally bankrupt progressive.

  7. There WERE WMD and U.S. Intell wasn’t the only one saying it. British intelligence services as well as Israel said there were. How many reports were there of cannisters of mustard gas being loaded up immediately after the news came out? Facts are inconvenient things. This claim is one of the prime lies of the Left.

  8. So Trump comes out with this book in 2015 to show he is a conservative. The linked chapter has a lot of him complaining about Obamacare and politicians but there weren’t really much solution being talked about other than we need to cover everybody via tax payer funds. That sounds like single payer for the poor except they aren’t paying anything, we would be the payers.

    However he has donated and supported Hillary in 2008 and we all know she wants single payer (Hillarycare), he financially supported and speaks glowingly of Pelosi and Reid even to this day. Yet he complains about Obamacare was forced down our throats and it was Reid and Pelosi that did the forcing. So he has put his money where his mouth is.

    So he has this book come out to coincide with his presidential run to try and put out this faux anger about Obamacare but he helped the politicians that forced it down our throats.

    There is absolutely no consistency in Trump and with the SCOTUS selections coming up, I don’t believe him or trust him in making that selection of nominees.

    You Trump fans sure are gullible and have fallen for the salesman pitch hook line and sinker, the same salesman pitch that the politician pitch that he complains about.

    So in 2015 he sings a different tune and you guys fall for it.

  9. Meerkat Brzezinski, not exactly what I meant The fact is Bush was wrong, weather a lie or not is debatable. I just don’t know, but I can’t argue with people who do believe he lied (my best friend as always thought so, she’s a conservative, too) . I can be in Trumps corner on this one without calling Pres Bush a liar, for me it’s a moot point. The reason we went to war was based on untruths is undeniable, based upon Pres. Bush speeches after the fact. Personally, I felt betrayed by him.

  10. I read this PDF and I agree he used a mountain of words to say very little. He doesn’t want a single payer but does want the federal government to control the market. He also goes after those evil profit making insurance companies (sounds like a Democratic straw man argument).

  11. Trump was shaken down by Hillary. It was a payoff to leave him alone.
    You don’t understand politics at the upper level b

  12. My my my…what a “surprise” (/s)
    that it’s mainly the
    last-minute appearing trolls
    (who will disappear back to nowhere soon)
    who comment repeatedly anti-Trump OFF topic
    or IF on topic don’t read the links
    or sputter off like brain dead Leftists
    “..bbbut he said this that and the other”
    over and over and over again.

  13. To Go Trump,
    So Pelosi and Reid were results of shake downs too?
    What about donating to Rahm Emmanuels mayor campaign?
    Why in 2012 would he talk of how wonderful Hillary was as Sect of State? Shake down again?

    So he gives money to all these left wing liberal politicians and speaks glowingly of them even now, after they have shoved O’care onto us all.
    He bashes conservatives and gives to PACs that are anti Tea Party, gives to GOPe candidates and PACs, likes planned parenthood, wants to cover every poor and lower middle class people with govt healthcare.

    Yep a salesman trying to sale to you that he is a conservative.

  14. Yet Czar you off no defense. Just throw personal attacks and provide no information. I did read the drivel in Chpt 7 and all it is are complaints, yet he gave money too many Dems that forced it on us. Now he expects us to believe he is a conservative.

    So it’s OK for you to spout anti Cruz stuff but nobody can critique Trump? Wow you sound like a Democrat.

    How about debate some facts instead of personal attacks?

  15. How about debate some facts instead of personal attacks?

    Yes, everybody. Stick to the FACTS – like Cruz does when he continually says Trump is for single payer.
    Those kind of facts.

  16. Aggie here 😉

    JP Trumps private donations were the cost of doing business. The “drivel” explains Cruz is being disdonest

  17. Actually, what Trump said is that we need to open competition across state lines in order for insurance rates to lower, and NOT be controlled by the government except to have the government make sure that the insurance companies are sound. And they are capable of covering catastrophic losses. He is for health care saving accounts too. And he is not for making coverage compulsory.

    MA (if memory serves me) only admits a couple of auto insurance providers to write coverage, and so the public is held hostage of the lack of NATURAL competition. I used to have so many calls from frustrated MA people trying to find decent rates only to have me explain that I could not even provide a dummy quote to them. And I was with a huge company that wrote in 48 states.

    Tucker is an agent – more of a full service agent than I was, and he knows what open (what I call “natural”) competition across state lines will do for rates – and it would be a sizable difference. We have medi-caid for the poverty stricken, what we don’t have is affordable portable insurance for the younger working poor, and the lower and middle of the middle classes with families. obamacare was certainly not the answer, it provided exactly the opposite effect as was being promised.

  18. for mattSJW and JP


    “But Steve, Trump said he wants “Universal Healthcare! I heard him say it on CBS!!” Yes, he did. So what does Mr. Trump mean by “universal” healthcare? For that we simply have to look up the definition of the word ‘universal”. According to Miriam Webster’s dictionary the term “universal” means “existing or available for everyone”. That does not mean ‘Single Payer’ nor does it mean ‘government controlled’! It means a health care system where everyone has access to some form of health care delivery.

    If all you have is “you can’t depend on him to do what he says” then I’ll have to point out your utter naivete because that statement applies to every single politician on the face of this earth.

    Or are you REALLY claiming Trump’s the only one?
    And you wonder why I RIGHTLY call folks like you TROLLS.

    A parting quote from C Steven Tucker

    “There are two things I detest above all others. Lies and intellectual laziness.”


  19. “Everyone who cares about Liberty is getting behind Ted Cruz right now.”

    So if I support Trump I must not be for Liberty. What a dumb and insulting thing to type.
    Crap like this is what starts the “Trumpsters” bullying certain Cruz people. Some of you Cruz people are your own special interest group. Stop crying!

  20. Plain Jane, that happens to me quite often. Even the new post “thumb up” gives me agita. Most of the time it ‘takes’ after I close the browser and open it back up.

    I’m just assuming that it’s because of my ancient PC – still running XP.

  21. Trump is NOT for ‘Single Payer’ Matthew. Nowhere in his written policy positions has he called for Single Payer. Instead he calls for free market reforms such as HSA expansion, repeal of McCarron Ferguson Act so we can sell across state lines increasing free market competition. Moreover the ONLY Single Payer system we have in the United States is our V.A. health care system and if Trump actually wanted Single Payer he would be recommending EXPANDING the V.A. program not ABOLISHING that program. The reason he is calling for abolishing the V.A. health care program is BECAUSE it is a Single Payer program and he knows it is a disaster. https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/veterans-administration-reforms

  22. There certainly were WMDs in Iraq: http://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2014/10/16/new-york-times-reports-wmd-found-in-iraq
    This is easily found and actually very old news. Those who still believe the lie that there were none (and the Brits have NEVER renounced their intel saying so) are, like with Trump just believing what they want to believe and not actual facts.
    ISIS has many of those weapons now…

  23. There is no ambiguity Bubba pertaining to two things. They are as follows:
    1.) Trump said Single Payer works in Canada and Scotland. It does not and that was just stupid.
    2.) Trump has said: “Single Payer will NOT work here.” and that “Government should only be involved in health care as a LAST resort.”
    3.) “We need to expand Health Savings Accounts.”
    4.) “We need to increase competition and lower prices via cross state competition.”
    5.) “We need to abolish the V.A. healthcare system.” Specifically because it is the ONLY Single Payer health care system in the U.S.
    If Trump actually wanted Single Payer he would be calling for the expansion of the V. A. health care system not the abolishing it.
    You can read his actual written health care policy proposals here >

  24. I’ve only heard of one person on the face of the earth who has actually read the entire 0bamacare bill, and that is C. Steven Tucker.

    I wonder if Guinness World Records knows about this?

    Keep up the good work C. Steven!

  25. Socialized medicine has never worked anywhere.

    It cannot work. It is a fool’s dream.

    No doctor (worth his salt) is going to give up a multi-million dollar practice to become a gov’t drone.

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