Texas: Jailed jihadi freed

Jihad Watch:

“Just released from federal prison after serving the better part of a decade behind bars for allegiances made with jihadi fighters in Somalia in 2009, convicted terrorist Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed is now alleged to be providing support to the terrorist organization typically referred to as ISIS while in Beaumont.”

All that time in prison clearly did him good and disabused him of his jihad sentiments.

In reality, nothing was done to change his mindset while he was in prison. To have done anything would have been “Islamophobic.” Instead, his jihad beliefs were reinforced by prison officials who doubtless treated the Qur’an with the utmost respect and allowed him to pray with other Muslim inmates. And so he plotted more jihad.  read more

8 Comments on Texas: Jailed jihadi freed

  1. Here’s how you deal with such jihadis:

    1. Arrest for criminal activity.

    2. Try, convict, and jail for 10 years at a time.

    3. Release and track behavior until more criminal activity is observed. Re-arrest for new charges.

    4. Return to step 2.

    This process should be repeated until subject dies or becomes too old to cause mischief.

  2. Enemy Combatant is right. Offer him a last cigarette, and blindfold. Wipe him down with bacon grease, and shoot the bastard!

  3. @TSUNAMI: That would of course be my preferred method, too, but I’m talking real world possibilities here, not wet dream fantasies.



  4. Public executions for all majoir crimes.televised so people can see this is whst happens to you.there is no fear of punishment so crimes go up.deal with it and crime may decrease.


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