That’s the whole point, commies

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  1. Bernie you are bat shyte crazy.

    Despite the claims (although the FBI?) we also don’t have gestapo, marshal law, polit buros (congress?) nor gulags even though some universities are becoming similar places in action.


    Remove the individual to fight for the collective.

    Install tyrant in charge of collective.

    Reward the top tier, punish the rest.

    Scapegoat targets for why the bottom suffers.

    -Still a system of have and have nots.

  3. We have Depends for demented soviet geezers scamming Medicare, a socialist program you fill with your incontinent Marxist bowels daily.

  4. If a politician, or a private citizen, attempts to do something (legislation or assassination or mass bombing, for example) that clearly undermines the expressed intent and purpose of our Constitution, that undermines the expressed Rights contained in our Bill of Rights, or somehow weakens the foundations of our civil society – why isn’t that TREASON and considered legally to be TREASON and punished as TREASON?

    Not a rhetorical question – but one that reaches to the very soul of civilization.
    Does civilization have a right – indeed an obligation – to protect itself?
    Is civilization worth saving?

    Men died that I might ask the question.
    Men died that someone may answer.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Bernie Effin Sanders, the Crazy, Creepy, Crumbling Commie Parasite who will gladly give away anything he doesn’t personally own, singling out wealthy Capitalists for being successful while surrounding himself with fabulously wealthy celebrities who can’t wind a wristwatch without personal assistants, trainers, accountants, house-keepers, chauffeurs, consultants, psychoanalysts and lawyers, living life through the revolving door of divorce courts, bankruptcy courts, custody courts, criminal courts and rehab centers!
    And to think people pay good money to see this lying, dirty old prick? Now that´s whutcha call a riddle, wrapped in hypocrisy, inside an enema!

  6. @Mithrandir December 15, 2017 at 9:09 am

    But The United States, the greatest country, evah!, tells its proletariat that if they struggle hard enough, exert themselves long enough, grift well enough, that they, too, can be apotheosized into the nomenklatura. Not that the nomenklatura is just like it. “Arbeit macht frei”


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