The 1st Intellectual Froglegs Cookout is in the Books

It was the 1st cookout, but celebrated the 5 year anniversary of Intellectual Froglegs.

It took place in Franklin, Tennessee and our own Vixen went to the event.

Mr. Vixen and I attended the Intellectual Froglegs 5 Year Anniversary Bash on Saturday night and I had a lovely chat with Joe Dan, who is a jewel of a guy— very humble and welcoming, and Victoria Jackson, who is delightful. It was a fantastic event— good food, great patriots from all over the country, and a brief speech by Paul Nehlen who is challenging Paul Ryan in 2018.

Nehlen and his wife Gabby hopped in their RV Saturday morning and drove all day to get to this event. Wish you could’ve been there!

There were people from all walks of life in attendance: we sat across from a urologist who drove all day from NE Texas, there were tatted up Harley riders, military vets, young moms and dads with small kids, grandparents, retirees, and business owners.
The things we had in common? We’re all passionate about our Conservatism, we love God and family, and we all deeply love this country.
Our common bond is that WE ARE AMERICANS and not ashamed of it!
Joe Dan will give everyone a heads up for the next one. All are welcome.

20 Comments on The 1st Intellectual Froglegs Cookout is in the Books

  1. Looks like a great time. Here in western Washington our choices are demonstrations at Evergreen or marching against Trump in Seattle.

  2. Oh gosh! How fun!!

    We had a MAGA Meetup locally tonight, too. Good to get back together with our fellow Americans for good food, good conversation, good fellowship.

    Maybe next year we’ll get to Joe Dans!

  3. I didn’ enen hit DH about going this year because I thought I’d have to walk a mile after we parked our van.

  4. @Joe6Pack — Well, my friend, next week (I’ll check the date and let you know) there is a pro-Trump rally at Westlake in downtown Seattle. So, how do you like those apples? 😉

  5. AA,, sounds a lot better than what I’m used to. Saturday is not good for me, but I am definitely interested in knowing the schedule of some of these events.

  6. @joe6pak — I’ll get you some blog/FB info to get you plugged in. Sorry I didn’t think of it sooner!

  7. I am so flattered and humbled…

    Next year we’re gonna make it bigger and better. We’ll preview an Episode before it’s released…

    God bless you guys. Thank you

  8. Was there and enjoyed conversing with like minded patriots.
    Joe Dan was great.
    Meeting Paul Nehlen was a pleasant surprise.
    The food and music was awesome.
    Can’t wait till next year.

  9. Sure wish I could have been there, but I am disabled and didn’t have the funds, cousin. I figure my small contribution every month to your effort is more important than my pleasure of being there. Keep up the good work, Joe Dan.

  10. Yep wish I could have made it – was camping in PA. (The reservations were made months ago.) Would love to meet you Joe and shake your hand! You do God’s work for our country and we need a lot of it!

    (Drain the Swamp!)

    PS You are on my short list of checks to be written (when I hit the lottery.)


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