The Continuing Implosion of Joy Villa

The grifter was on Good Morning America Today and said that an apology from Lewandowski would not be acceptable because “a crime was committed.”

When confronted about her continual unwanted ass slapping of a man named George Harris, without a hint of hypocrisy Villa explained that she apologized to him.

Ohhhhhhhhhh. Our apologies to you.

This is not a conservative, folks. This is an idiot that was smart enough to take advantage of the Trump train, but not smart enough to keep the charade going.

16 Comments on The Continuing Implosion of Joy Villa

  1. She going to work for Gloria Allred, who has so many MAGA people working for her joy make it passed up in the rush.

  2. I’ve been watching this same crime committed in every football game at every level my entire life.

    Thank goodness a bitch in a homemade candy bar wrapper had the courage to speak out.

  3. Joy Villa

    Verified account

    2 hours ago

    Just to clear the very foggy air here, I’m not working with @GloriaAllred and would absolutely NOT. Let’s stop the #fakenews and continue to #MAGA.

  4. Hi, I’m Joy Villa, I’m a singer, an actress and an unabashed opportunist who will do anything to further my career.

  5. I don’t know much about her, so I’m going to make a shallow comment. How is she allowed to roam public spaces with that fire hazard on her head?

  6. Rule of thumb: As a celebrity, if you announce a political position, you will lose 50% of your following. If you reverse your political position, you will lose 100% of your following. For example, see Papa John (Pizza).

  7. That’s a creepy chick right there.
    Whys is she still pretending with the MAGA? Just because she posed for pics with Ivanka a while back? I don’t like either one, so, no loss. lol
    Everyone hates her. The only thing she’s trying to make ‘great again’ is her fat ass and hair.

  8. The fact that this fraud is pimping her “traumatic” experience of getting “sexually assaulted” (from an ass slap, for shit’s sake) on Good Morning America is reason enough to doubt everything that comes sputtering out of her mouth.

    I hate being played.

    And watching her implode gives me a lot of satisfaction.


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