The DNC Fraud Case Moves To Next Phase

This post by Redstatewatcher has triggered a lot of tipsters to urge us to post this.

-The attorney in a class action lawsuit against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz has just held a press conference that is being completely ignored by the mainstream media.


Too many tipsters to list them all.

16 Comments on The DNC Fraud Case Moves To Next Phase

  1. The suit alleges that the DNC lied to democrats about being neutral in the Primary.

    Next someone will allege that democrat candidates lie to their constituents.

    So if the DNC is found guilty, but the main stream media doesn’t report it, did it happen?

  2. I’m a bit torn on this, but as evidence continues to mount it seems that the democrat party is a collection of murderous miscreants, often wearing nice makeup.

    I would be cast a conspiracy kook for asserting that the death and maiming of political operatives and opponents seems statistically out of the norm. But it is.

  3. If enough people start talking about this on social media the MSM will respond. They will paint the plaintiffs as bunch of paranoid conspiracy wackos and pour as much mocking and derision on them as possible in the hope of tainting any potential jury of your average lo info dems.

  4. @PHenry ~ they might be ‘wearing nice makeup” but it sure ain’t covering up all that Ugly!

  5. @Meir-“Who here has the feeling that nothing will end up happening in the end?”

    No doubt. The DNC is a division of the American Bar Association after all. The “family” takes care of its own.

  6. OK. Here’s what’s weird to me.
    I’m 62.5 years old and I’ve only known 1 person who has been murdered (muzzie domestic incident stabbed to death brother of a neighbor) and 1 suicide. The Clintons seem to be associated with 10 times that amount, at least. Granted, I don’t live within their sphere but…

    At some point you have to ask yourself if these numbers are coincidental.

  7. PHenry

    61, tomorrow damn it, Don’t know of any murder victims or suicide victims. Seems like a large occurrence around the Clinton machine don’t it. Good point,

  8. Happy birthday Brad. Don’t curse another digit being added to your odometer. Beats the alternative.

    Plus, I’ll always be 24 once I get rid of the mirrors in my house. I’m still a stud as long as I don’t have to carry and extend my 28 foot ladder, which gains weight every year.

  9. PHenry

    Age is just a number. However I’m really not paying attention to this one. I have had this ritual of pyramiding my bench to 405 on my birthday. First time I’m gonna miss it do to a hand injury. A cause of great self reflection tonight.

  10. Happy Birthday, Brad!!! You are truly ‘something else’-tomeant in a good way! Just keep looking ahead…the hand will heal and there’s always a tomorrow!

    PS: I’ve got 10 yrs on you, and despite all the health crap I have to deal with, Life is still grand!


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