The Execrable Daily Mail UK Misidentifies Antifa to Bash Trump

This is worthy of Pravda-like agitprop.

Trump tweeted that he’d like to applaud the 40,000 people who came out against hate and The Daily Mail paints it as a contradiction and an about-face —

Look at what the Daily Mail is identifying as Antifa.

Not one Antifa flag in the crowd.

Not one person dressed in Antifa gear with their faces covered up.

Not one person weaponized.

That’s who Trump condemned – ANTIFA, not people peacefully protesting.

Geesh, all I have to say is FAKE NEWS!!!!!!

9 Comments on The Execrable Daily Mail UK Misidentifies Antifa to Bash Trump

  1. Just reading how the news media spinning as a peaceful protest, but leaving out the part where urine and water bottles thrown at the police. With the imaginary Nazi army not in attendance, the thugs then antagonized the police.

    I wonder how much money was spent to bring in the majority of the 40,000 thugs. Maybe that should be a strategy to bleed their side of cash. Announce “free speech” rallies at major cities all over the country. Of course make sure they are cities run by liberals. Let the thugs get bused in by the thousands. But then, ooops, free speech rally cancelled at last minute because of security concerns. Worse case scenario is they peacefully demonstrate. But since they are filthy vermin, the city will pay dearly for the clean-up, sanitation removal and police over time.

  2. @Left Coast Dan – I’m from New Jersey, when Murphy (D) gets elected the new Governor of New Jersey (thanks to Christie), that designation will be lifted. I’d bet dollars to donuts to it. Well that and the state Democrats goal of us being more regressive than California.

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