The Gall From Empanada

Zilla says-
Commie pig, president of Venezuela, snarfed a freaking empanada from his damned desk drawer during a live tv program that is forcibly aired on every channel in that country where the people are dying of starvation.

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  1. That’s how socialism works, Bernie !

    If only Venezuelans had a second amendment.
    Oops, forgot the US democrats want to get rid of that impediment too.

  2. Socialism requires the ability to convince the masses that the leaders are suffering as bad as the masses, while living a totally opulent lifestyle.

  3. @BFH – “The Gall from Empanada”

    Short and fat and old and ugly
    The churl from Venezuela goes talking
    And when he gasses, each one he gasses goes BLEAAAAHHHHGGGG.

  4. That scumbag is the only fat person in the entire country and Kim Yung Dumb is the only fat one in NK. See the pattern here?

  5. @Bad_Brad: Is that what we high school boys euphemistically used to refer to as a “dry hole”?

    You might want to try some of that Kentucky Jelly.
    Or Vaseline, if that’s too expensive.



  6. Fat and tan and bloated and ugly
    The dictator from Venezula goes wadling
    And when he passes, each one he passes
    Goes “B-a-a-h”

    Living proof of Communism in action
    Where are Sean Penn & Samuel L. Jackson?
    That when he passes, each one he passes
    Goes “Blaaaaah”

    But I watch him so sadly
    How can I tell him he’s such a fatty?
    Yes, I would eat that empenada so gladly
    But each day when he gorges his face
    He looks straight ahead into space

    Fat and tan and bloated and ugly
    The Communist from Venezula goes wadling
    And when he passes his bloated gasses, he doesn’t see.
    Venezula is not free. His brain is the size of a pea.

  7. If SNL doesn’t have a skit of this A’hole this Saturday night, then they’ve totally sold out and lost touch with Humor !

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