The Guccifer Dilemma

The hacker who retrieved and published the e-mail exchanges between celebrities and government officials will be extradited from his native Romania to The United States.


Guccifer” was also the first private citizen to discover and raid Hillary Clinton’s private server.

According to the FBI, Guccifer, known as Marcel Lehel has been indicted by federal grand jury for “wire fraud, unauthorized access to a protected computer, aggravated identity theft, cyberstalking, and obstruction of justice.”


Now imagine the corner the DOJ would be in if they also charge Lehel with espionage and / or receiving classified information when he hacked into Hillary’s private server. It would be their tacit confession that she broke the law herself.

17 Comments on The Guccifer Dilemma

  1. This is just another loose end in hillary’s emails that needed to be tidied up before the big cover up occurs.

  2. The fact that he wasn’t charged with espionage and / or receiving classified information is very telling. She will not be indicted. Laws are for little people.

  3. I thought all private property (including computers) is protected and should not be accessed by unauthorized people including the government! I declare all the time that my computer is a protected computer and no one has authorized access to it! but just to be safe I buy commercial computer protection!

  4. Pagliano and Guccifer both need around the clock protection. The thing is, who do you trust to protect them?

  5. This chap will never live long enough to testify in court against HITTLERY…when asked why voters support this SKANK, knowing full well she is a felon….they just shrug and say i will vote for her…..,

  6. ML,TFCGF… not Foster, but McDougal. Like Rush just said, Bill played the blackmail on Obama. Nobody in the administration wants to hear what Guccifer has to say.

  7. “access to a protected computer”
    Whose? Shrillery’s PRIVATE unprotected server? This WILL be interesting indeed.

  8. We’ll see how this goes. I still have seen absolutely nothing that makes me question the integrity of the FBI. I think this might be yet more green water over the Hildebeest’s bow…

    Time will tell.


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