The hysteria continues!

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  1. That video would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    Everyone in this country should watch that. It will make heads explode.

  2. I was reading scripture this morning and John 1:5 jumped off the page at me: “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

  3. You know what? I just realized I am fine with their ante being upped.

    The real danger is if they started playing ball and made it look like they were reasonable. Their extremeness (the violence currently and during the campaign, running bakers out of bizness, safe spaces, Marxism pushed in colleges, etc) is what pushed Trump over the top and converted many Dems to voting against them.

    Today, I am fine with their vitriol. They will create more conservatives by how crazy they are.

    My ex voted Dem all her life until this election. Total Trump freak the whole primary – even more than me since I didn’t trust him at first.

    She taught photography at local community college and was subjected to the lunacy of SJWs. One of her class presentations a couple of years ago had a black man in it. A black student did her best to make my ex pay for including it. There was absolutely nothing about the context of that photos inclusion that made a statement about blacks. It was purely art. The SJW just wanted to make trouble – period.

    When this political cycle started, she couldn’t believe how her fellow staff didn’t engage at all on an intellectual level and instead were just unbending bullies doing their best to cause her problems at the school. She finally saw the light. Common sense, I call it.

    So keep it up you degenerates. You are digging your own grave.

    If it ever comes to pulling triggers, there will be lots of people on juries that understand it was the right thing to do because they are vile and cancerous to a country.

  4. Watch the major studios in Hollywood. They are going to lose money because of the SJW actors/actresses ( refuse to call a female who portrays characters in a entertainment venue an actor ). Then watch as academia will be thrown into chaos as they start to see students going overseas to get their education.


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