The IOTW New Hampshire Primary Results Live Blog


9:56: Trump takes the stage.

9:50: Clinton now down 20%.

9:43: Old man wanders on stage, yells in front of crowd.



9:32: With 38% in, Clinton remains below 40%.


9:26: Sanders takes the stage.





9:13: Sanders at 58% with 29% in.

9:07: MSNBC reporter calls Bernie Sanders “Bernie Sandwich:”


9:01: Bernie Sanders celebrating by playing basketball. I’m not kidding.

9:00: Trump doubling second place at the moment.

8:51: With 22% in, Cruz leads Bush by literally 1 vote.

8:46: With 22% in, Clinton now below 40% of the vote.

8:44: With 18% in, Cruz now jumps to 3rd.


8:39: Awaiting victory speeches of Trump and Sanders.

8:36: Sanders pushing closer to 60%. Trump still around 34%.

8:33: With 16% in, Sanders crushing Clinton, 57-41.

8:29: With 14% in, Trump still around 34%.

8:27: Kasich and Bush in second and third, respectively.

8:22: Rubio below 10% with 12% in, lagging far behind in 5th place.

8:16: With 10% in, Trump at 34%, Kasich at 16%.

8:11: With 11% in, Sanders at 56%, Clinton at 42%.

8:07: With 10% in, Sanders at 53%, Clinton at 40%.

8:00: CNN predicts Trump will win New Hampshire. Also Sanders will win.

7:55: Trump 31.9%, Kasich 18.1%, Bush 12.6%, Cruz 10.8%, 8.3% Reporting

7:52: Trump 31.9%, Kasich 18.5%, Bush 12.5%, Cruz 10.8%, 3.3% Reporting.

7:46: Trump 30.0%, Kasich 17.0%, Bush 14.2%, Cruz 12.4%, 2.6% Reporting.

7:45: Sanders 60.5%, Clinton 38.9%, Other 0.6%, 2.0% Reporting.

7:45: Trump 34.1%, Kasich 17.2%, Bush 12.2%, Cruz 11.3%, 2.2% Reporting.

7:43: Trump 33.4%, Kasich 16.8%, Bush 13.2%, Cruz 11.1%, 2.1% Reporting.

7:40: Trump 33.4%, Kasich 18.2%, Bush 11.9%, Cruz 11.6%, 2.0% Reporting.

7:37: Sanders 60.9%, Clinton 38.4%, Other 0.7%, 1.7% Reporting.

7:34: Trump 40.2%, Bush 12.3%, Kasich 11.4%, Cruz 11.1% with 1.7% Reporting.

7:27: Exit poll: Sanders leads Clinton among Dems who said honesty was most important 93/5.

7:24: “65 percent of those registered to vote are going to vote today. The participation is very high.”




7:05: It doesn’t appear that Chris Christie is really breaking the top 5 or 6 with the various exit poll questions.

7:03: 37% of those angry with the federal government voted for Donald Trump.

Welcome to the IOTW Report New Hampshire results live blog. Things to watch for: the victory margin of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Who comes in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the GOP field. What percent of the vote Christie and Fiorina get, as low numbers could cause them to drop out.

44 Comments on The IOTW New Hampshire Primary Results Live Blog

  1. @Fur ~ all that is needed to know about NH is Karate Chop Kasich is actually in second place
    why does the country put so much stock in these people voting is a complete mystery to me

  2. On the Democrat side, Vermin Supreme is in fourth place. He leads all Democrat candidates who have not appeared in any debate.

    When a candidate who wears a rubber boot on his head and promises a pony to every American polls in the TOP FIVE of your party’s primary, your party is screwed, stupid, or both.

  3. anything over 30% is a victory for Trump… but my biggest concern is how many delegates will be given to Jeb! by the ‘also-rans’ when they drop out

  4. As Hitlery tumbles in the polls over the coming weeks, the jackals who have fed off her tanted teet will come out in the open and rip her to shreds in order to save their own sorry asses in the eyes of the gullible public.

  5. It’s time for Hillary to put in a straight jacket and locked in a solitary padded cell preferably in Benghazi.

  6. @ Jethro
    The only thing good in NH is Sig Sauer Inc in Exeter, NH. The rest of the state can go to progressive Hell and stay there.

  7. “Fox just interviewed citizens of New Hampshire.

    I will never move to New Hampshire.”

    BFH, I feel your pain. Why, just today I was on this website where they posted a video of a cigar smoking dog puppet making a bunch of alleged New Hampshire “college students” look like shell shocked sheep! Oh, wait, that was HERE! ??????????????

  8. Hitlary giving her teleprompter speech ….free shit, blah, blah, blah, wall street, blah, blah, blah, minorities, blah, blah, blah, immigrants, blah, blah, blah, victims, equal pay …..
    wtf? … who’s been in charge for the last 7 years? …..gag me w/ a spoon

  9. did that assWitch just claim that she went “undercover to expose racism in Alabama”?……
    …corkscrewing into Bosnia….???

  10. During his victory speech, Sanders vowed on his first day in office he will authorize the agriculture dept. to plant the magic trees that all the free shit will grow from.

  11. I couldn’t believer there was anyone more irritating than Hitlary Clinton, but Comrade Bernie is sure proving me wrong
    ….he certainly channels his inner Hugo Chavez very well…

  12. I’m listening to Sander’s speech. He sounds just like Lenin and Trotsky.
    Does this foretell a general election where an unapologetic capitalist will be running directly against an avowed communist?

  13. @jethro ~ regardless of who the demonRATs end up with, it will be an avowed Communist… only question is, who will the republicans end up with …. an ‘unapologetic capitalist’, a sitting Senator, or another Bush
    …..nothing matters other than the delegate count


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