The Left – “Civilians With Guns Are No Match For the Government’s Might”

We’ve heard the left scoff at the right when we’ve said the 2nd amendment is necessary in order to combat an oppressive government.

“Civilians with guns are no match for a government,” laughs the left.

Meanwhile, millions of people are leaving a country because “some guys with guns on the back of a pick-up truck” are taking over a country.



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  1. “Civilians With Guns Are No Match For the Government’s Might”

    Try us, and see if you’re correct.

    Molon Labe.

  2. “Civilians With Guns Are No Match For the Government’s Might”

    I’ve argued this with a lib. When you point out that most of the military will be on our side the discussion becomes short lived.

  3. Yeah, because insurgencies are SO easy to stop…the idiocy of the left knows no bounds. They literally NEVER learn from history.

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but when I was in the military I was a still a civilian with a gun. Just because I was wearing a green uniform didn’t mean I was a mindless Government zombie, regardless of what the Drill Sergeant tried to make of me.


  5. “Civilians With Guns Are No Match For the Government’s Might”

    …yeah, tell that to King George III

  6. I never served. But I know a ton of military peeps through the Tactical Weapons Business. And they all seem to take that “all enemies foreign and domestic” thing pretty damned serious. And who’s an enemy? Anyone that’s going against our constitution.

  7. @Tsunamai, the left leadership may understand but their useful idiots who we all encourage tee everyday have no clue. They are so easily led that they literally only see one step at a time and are unaware of the 3 dimensions they are working in.

  8. …and when the pResident & the Congress declare a national emergency & declare ‘certain militia groups/loose-knit social organizations/Boy Scouts/whomever a ‘domestic enemy’ the military will take up arms against the populace …. go ask the Bonus Army how things turned out. …. Men, Women & children.

    don’t fool yourselves into believing the rank & file of our military will not obey orders. I’ve met too many in the military that have told me that they will, & added as a codicil that we get the leadership we voted for. too bad for you!. ….. have a nice day

  9. Looks like we’re all on the same page. The oath I took when I joined the military didn’t have an expiration date.

  10. The funny thing is, even though they would never own one of those icky thundersticks, they benefit because other people do, thus making their entire bubble world existence safer.

    I asked one Gunz Icky person how many people did she think she was around during the day who had a CCL. Blank stare, had never thought about it. Well, honey, criminals do.

  11. I’ve heard that said a few times. Another consideration is about 95% of the people that belong to the Militias are ex Mil.

  12. It’s true that liberal with a gun is no match for a government employee, that is only because the liberal has not discovered ammunition.
    As the Soviets learned the hard way, tanks and heavy equipment are of little to no use in urban situations. A beer bottle and 30 cents worth of gas mixed with pieces of a styrofoam cooler will take out a $12million tank and it’s inhabitants.
    They could also help the dolts understand just how dangerous door to door action is unless you have bombed the area to the point where almost everyone has already left.

  13. “Civilians With Guns Are No Match For the Government’s Might”

    Built-in flawed premise here. An individual civilian with a gun is quite likely more than a match for a govt functionary with or without a gun. If and when the time comes, and I sincerely hope that it doesn’t come, I won’t be be going into combat with the whole dang govt. Use your imagination for the rest of that thought.

  14. Another theory from some college puke that couldn’t find his ass with both hands.
    As an Insurance Adjuster I see a lot of contractors.
    A few weeks ago I talked to a roofer who just got back from a hunt:
    “450 yards, right through the lungs. I was so cold from waiting six hours in the rocks, I could barely walk to where he fell”
    Yeah, no match.
    Have fun trying to take everybody’s guns.

  15. Uncle Al
    The reply button is missing from responses.
    Forgetting is easy.
    The firearms volunteered Europe by citizens here during the previous conflict with Germany after they had been disarmed by their government proved deciding in many engagements.

  16. This is what the Left strives for: A government master that is too powerful to stand up against. Has to be some kind of bondage fantasy or something like that. No sane human wants to be enslaved.

  17. Unfortunately the premise for this post is not correct. ISIS is not just some guys with guns riding around in the back of pickups. They are well supplied with American arms and military hardware by the Obama regime. Not only did Obama deliberately leave massive amounts of military hardware in Iraq for his Islamist allies when he pulled his enemy’s (America’s) troops out in order to let the Islamists win the war, but he’s also been directly supplying them with weapons pretty much since he usurped the office of President. Do a net search for “Operation Zero Footprint” if you don’t understand this. Benghazi was a weapons depot set up by the Obama regime it was not a diplomatic post.

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