The Left Takes Issue With Presidential “Executive Time”

Jonathan Swan at Axios has been tracking the president’s daily schedule and has taken issue with how he spends his mornings.

Given the apparently catch-all term, “Executive Time,” those on the left seem to think the billionaire workaholic is skylarking around half the day like they would if given the chance.  More

23 Comments on The Left Takes Issue With Presidential “Executive Time”

  1. The President just gave a very good account of himself at a press conf with the PM of Norway. There is no way this guy is mentally unstable or lazy or any of the other crap the left and especially the media spout.
    I think two dozen reports wet themselves and another dozen had the vapors. Assholes.


    Complaining about what the winners are doing.


  3. At Axios — the Greek word for worthy — we provide only content worthy of people’s time, attention and trust.

    Most certainly if you are a progressive socialist or communist.

  4. Interesting, isn’t it, that no one at Axios complained about Barry’s
    “Bath House” time when it appeared on his executive schedule?

    Or that no one at Axios bothered to scrutinize President Jarrett’s

  5. I can’t imagine the intensity of the Presidency, from international issues, leaders, decisions, legislative agendas, holding McCONnel’s hand, media requests, briefings, to state leaders, coupled with all the agencies. Being pulled in various directions each and everyday.

    Whatever President Trump is doing, it’s working. Keep it up, sir.

  6. What Axios did was look at the official WH Exec schedule which starts with an 11:00 a. daily security briefing. He’s already got 5-6 hours of work in by then. Lazy Axios.

  7. Trump is there/here because God put him in the position as president so how ever he spends his time is between him and God. Im good with it…..

  8. Even the treasonous gay Kenyan commie’s own staff was so irritated they ratted him out for not getting to work on time. They belittled the boy preezy for spending so much time every morning watching sports. And of course, Axios will justify the Secret Service having to yank the irresponsible jerk off the golf course to join his staff watching Benghazi unfold.

  9. I recall Obama rolled in late all the time and that was cool. He also had no respect for other people’s time and was ALWAYS late no matter who was waiting. Looking at all Trump’s accomplishments and speed at enacting his agenda I could care less what he decides to do a few hours every morning though I’d bet money he is working.

  10. It’s been a while since I said this, but

    BUCK OFAMA. I don’t want to see, hear, or think about that pile of rancid shit.


  11. Walt Disney had an efficiency expert come in to the corporate offices to evaluate productivity.
    After a month he met with Mr. Disney.
    He reported that most of the staff was energetic and productive. Except one guy.
    He said this guy spent a lot of time with his feet on the desk and staring off into space. Of course Mr. Disney wanted to know who it was, and the Expert told him and recommended firing him.
    Mr. Disney laughed and told him: “You just let him be. Tomorrowland was his idea, along with a whole lot of other stuff.”
    Mr. Trump can watch all the TV he wants.

  12. The entries should be renamed “Swamp Draining” instead of Executive Time. That will send leftists into fits of frenzy.

  13. Is Trump getting paid to do this job? Is he getting blow jobs in the Oval office? Ever see him smoke a cigar after using it on a WH worker? I hear he sleeps only 5 hours a night and is at work as soon as he wakes up. He’s not out riding a girly bike like the fag Obama. These people fretting over how Trump spends his time, have too much time on their hands. Every time they open their mouth to complain, they are showing their jealousy and stupidity at the same time.

  14. Leftists are just so stupid.
    President Trump has been completely kicking their asses (and picking up steam, imo) and they are complaining that he isn’t working hard enough?!
    Leftists are so stupid.


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