The Left’s Mission: Dehumanize the Enemy

Patriot Retort: I’m sure you remember over Thanksgiving when Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared on Twitter a picture of a pecan pie she baked.

How could you forget?

Instantly she was attacked and accused of posting a stock Internet picture and passing it off as her own.

Even CNN Contributor April Ryan got in on the act – slamming SHS and expressing her own doubts over the veracity of the pie.

All this unhinged lunacy over a freaking pie.

But, the truth is, no matter what SHS posts on Twitter, splenetic, sputtering Leftists descend like half-starved, rabid dogs. Their comments range from snotty to downright threatening.

And they do the same to every other member of the Trump White House.

Melania Trump can post some lovely photos from a visit to a children’s hospital and in seconds a hundred unglued nutcases flood her replies with the most odious comments imaginable.

Any old how.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, being a good-natured gal with a sense of humor, baked a slew of pies to share with the press corps yesterday. And she chronicled their baking in photos every step of the way.

She even presented April Ryan with her own chocolate pecan pie.  MORE HERE

27 Comments on The Left’s Mission: Dehumanize the Enemy

  1. Nothing like a Pie Attack to bring the left down. I don’t recommend launching them into April Ryan’s face only because they were baked by Sara Sanders and we love her!

  2. From my perspective (and I know and regret it isn’t universal), the end result of this is that the deranged left-collectivist dehumanizers will end up dehumanizing only themselves.

  3. Kill them with kindness.
    What set Rosie off at the start was because Sanders was trolling April in a FUN way, but Rosie got angry when she realized it wasn’t mean spirited and April Ryan was laughing along and said the pies looked great. So Rosie, being a superskank, didn’t know what to do but freak out. Fun to watch. Never seen someone use so many “U’s” in one tweet before. LOL

  4. Does Melania follow anyone on Twitter? Because I imagine it’s easier just to post what she needs to say and not give it a second glance. What would be the point playing with these assmonkeys?

  5. “Melania Trump can post some lovely photos from a visit to a children’s hospital and in seconds a hundred unglued nutcases flood her replies with the most odious comments imaginable.” That just enrages me when I see how the fascist scum treat a good, decent, and honest family. I want to hunt them down like the rabid dogs they are.

  6. The Lib’s are finally exhausting down from their mind De-spanding
    loss to Trump, they’ve gone ” Full Fruit Loops ” and they have Lost their sense of Up from Down !

  7. I believe dehumanizing other people is not an appropriate way to treat … Sorry – got to go. Rosie beached herself again and if we don’t get her back into the water, she will die.

    I’ll continue this rant later.

  8. ‘When one side believes the other is less than human and therefore unworthy of basic human kindness, empathy or compassion, this kind of inflammatory rhetoric is like gasoline on a fire.

    And the fact that the Democrats are willing to fan the flames should concern all of us.‘

    Exact tactics leading to the road to throwing groups of ‘lesser’ people in ghettos, then work camps, then death camps. We cannot go quietly, trying to placate, through those gates. The way Sarah handles the press and the way President Trump handles the left are perfect examples of pushing back without joining the low tactics of the left terrorists.

  9. On a related note the Left has been viciously attacking Taylor Swift recently. Her sin? Not taking a political position. That’s right, not speaking out is just as bad if you’re famous. She was in the news yesterday for saying she had an incredible year, and the Left is furious at her for that too.

  10. Never expect anything less from arrogant, self-indulgent, radical, rat-fucking, bomb-throwing scumbags trying to make themselves look better by dragging everybody else down to their own personal level of Suck!

  11. Being black, April likely grew up in a “food desert” and never knew that free people could actually purchase the ingredients and bake a pie for themselves.

  12. In order to keep my sanity I don’t even read the replies to the President or anymore of his administration anymore. The blue check arrogant are always the first ones to offend and they get lots of likes and retweets.

    Twitter is rigged just like Google. I feel like I’m on enemy territory.

    Right now they’re trending (they manipulate that) Obama visiting somewhere. I didn’t read, but I bet they’re loving it.

  13. @ Bad_Brad, I heard that, and I chuckled on my way to the car. The way he said “muslims don’t even do Christmas..” was pitch perfect.

  14. Now that’s a God-fearing, God-loving woman right there! You go, Sanders! Setting a most excellent example of Christian love.

    One of my favorite scripture passages and one of the hardest to live out (thanks, Sarah Sanders, for showing me how it’s done):

    Ro 12:20: But if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him to drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head.

    Pr 25:21-22: If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat;
    if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head,
    and the Lord will reward you.

  15. Sarah turned out pretty well for a preacher’s kid. Not me. I hope that sow communist eats the entire pie and shits herself.

    Why can’t we skip the whole kindness thing and just heap coals upon communists?


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