The Left’s Rigged Game To Silence Their Opposition


They’ve been doing it for years and continue to do it everyday. Democrats shut down questioning of their agenda by accusing those who point out the damage that it causes of being racist and worse. No more. Now we have Donald Trump.

Andrew Klavan explains how the game has always been played by their rules and how the president has put an end to it by upturning their board and kicking the nonsense back in their faces.  More

13 Comments on The Left’s Rigged Game To Silence Their Opposition

  1. Lindsey, that bitch, just announced he will vote no on the CR and DACA is his main priority. SC has a lot of Military Contractors. I hope they string his faggot ass up.

  2. We know that sissy Lindsey Graham is a traitor, he needs a good fuck on is ass . Between Lindsey McCain and Jeff flakes the only thing for them is DACA . Criminal illegal aliens are first .

  3. “The fact is: some countries are shitholes. I don’t want … to become one of them.”


  4. My only issue with this article is the everyone knows Trump is rude and crude. No he isn’t. If you hit him he will hit you back harder. He just doesn’t take shit. And he has a sense of humor hence the CNN wrestling video. I knew when I heard that s-hole statement quoted last Thursday it wasn’t going to be found true. He doesn’t say monolithic things like the left.

  5. Jeeze, if people say you’re racist, hit em’ back and accuse them of spreading their gaping feminist Vagenda of insanity, you know, tell em’ it’s smelly and is leaving snail trails all over the place.

    Yes, “Vagenda”. I never argue with douchebags without it.

  6. klavan has a great point but is still a whiney weasel who didn’t know what opposition to democrats looked like before trump.

    his constant “un-presidential behavior” bs kills his respectability.

    fighting back in his world is “un-presidential” or “boorish” or “racist” if you are not a “d”.


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