The lesbian couple who both used to be men

Get out your scorecards, people. We have a dude that likes men and thinks he should be a woman. He meets a guy who says he likes women, but also wants to be a woman. The two become women and suddenly the guy who liked men likes a fake woman.

Okay, after adding all of this up I get this…

they’re mentally ill.

Chelsea (born Jonathan) was shocked to discover her boyfriend Craig wanted a sex change… and now she’s a woman called Carla

The lesbian couple who BOTH used to be men: Chelsea (born Jonathan) shocked to find out

Daily Mail –

When Chelsea Jade – formerly known asJonathan (bottom right) – met a man willing to accept that she had been born a boy, the 28-year-old thought she’d hit the jackpot. But just months into their relationship, her new boyfriend Craig (the couple, both British, are pictured together, top right) would be forced to make a startling admission – that he also wanted to become a woman.

Chelsea met car salesman Craig last year and believed she had finally found the chance to have a ‘normal life’. Despite knowing she was transgender, Craig was keen to begin a relationship and the pair quickly hit it off. But five months later Chelsea found a series of alluring photos that Craig had uploaded to a dating site, showing the 24-year-old in high heels and short skirts. Initially Craig played the pictures down – dismissing his cross-dressing as a sexual fetish. But a few week later he revealed a secret that he had kept to himself since the age of eight – that he wanted to live as ‘Carla’. The unconventional couple (pictured together as Chelsea and Carla, left) are now planning their wedding and looking forward to a happy life together.

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  1. I knew I should have just gone for a run before logging on this morning. Now I’ll have to fight the urge to dive into traffic to get this vision out of my head. btw… DO NOT click the story about EJ Johnson on the side of the Daily Mail. Holy $&*# I have no idea what that is.

  2. Help me out her, ’cause I’m losing sleep over this one:

    WHAT PRODUCT would be sold using
    a “herding trannies” or “herding lezzies” hook?

    I need more espresso.

  3. According to a boyhood friend of Henry Hill, When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he replied: “I wanna be a mountain.”
    The Wiseguy/Goodfellow achieved his wish, these two mental midgets, not so much.

  4. Yes, they are truly mentally ill. But…. If you don’t play along with their mental illness and immerse yourself into their charade there is something wrong with YOU. You are a homophobe, bigot, right wing nut, anti lbgtq, you name it….. you are it.

    Warping the normal.persons sense of right and wrong, the obvious, the logical, their belief system, is all part of, and necessary for, the statists to succeed. They need mind numbed sheep to remain silent as they destroy and steal.

  5. I, too saw the article about EJ Johnson . . . and daddy Magic is proud of this?
    Why are so many of these trannies HUGE men who tower over everyone else.
    Where are the little 5’4″ guys who want to be women?

  6. The crazies are finding themselves and pairing off, what could be better ?

    Too bad we already used Australia to deposit criminals, but maybe we can quarantine these people on a distant Moon

  7. What ever happened to all the people who used to think they were Jesus? Would we be forced to worship them now?

  8. I saw a “herd of lezzies” yesterday, and I have a question……If lesbians like other women, why do they try to look like men?

  9. I don’t think any self respecting man would ever claim them as “used to be men”! I don’t know what they once were or now are but ‘men’ and ‘them’ used in the same sentence is blasphemy! Perhaps the female gender will stoop 50 degrees below normal in order to accept them (at least as part human)!

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