The Media Looks Ridiculous In Their Silence Over Melania’s Beauty, Style and Grace

We’ve had to endure 8 years of the most ridiculously absurd Michelle Obama coverage where the media tried to shoehorn her into a “style icon for the ages,” while she made every chair she sat on look like a Fisher-Price play set and threatened to have their legs splay out like a newborn giraffe.

Everywhere you turned their was a magazine cover with the Amazonian cow FLOTUS calling her elegant, audaciously highlighting her man hands, arms and shoulders as something for women to aspire to, if they were longshoremen.

Photoshop could have made millions if they sold a “degreaser tool” to the magazine industry.

Yet, there is a maddening and deafening silence from the media when they have an actual stunning first lady, one that makes Jackie O, the oft-mentioned “most beautiful first lady,” look like the cafeteria lady.

On her 47th birthday, here is our First Lady of the United States.

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  2. “Fischer Price play set”…LOLOL….imagine the special order toilet seats that killed half of the Amazon forests….

  3. The media was forced to fawn all over Michael Obama, if they didn’t, the media would have been deemed racist.

  4. You mean we don’t have to endure fake kale gardens, taped-down wieners, linebacker arms or chewbacka twerking ?!

    Thank you, sweet Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Melania makes a great First Lady. And I think BFH has the hots for her, he better be careful, the Secret Service might be paying some special attention to him.

  6. Was it just 8 years ago I got booted from FB for suggesting the “Cover Girl” Michelle should consider an offer from National Geographic?
    “Cover Girl”, as in, duck & cover….

  7. You can bet your bottom dollar that if the legacy media were to report on our FLOTUS, it would be a scandal they’re after. That’s why we don’t see her in the news.

  8. When you think about the objective of the media, this totally makes sense.

    They don’t need to report on her beauty, style or grace because Melania IS beauty, style and grace.

    The reason they never shut up about Michelle is because they were doing everything humanly possible to convince us not to believe our lying eyes.

    The news media was the Obama’s marketing firm.

    Melania can market herself just fine.

    Happy Birthday beautiful FLOTUS!

  9. I’m not sure that leftist media halfwits didn’t delude themselves into actually believing that a shaved sasquatch wearing a tent was a beautiful fashion icon.

  10. Let’s face it, the media fanboys just ain’t in her league. Mooch is about as high up the ladder they get.

  11. If Melania would wear the same ugly weird clothes that Moochell did- on Melania those fashion don’ts would turn into haute couture.

  12. Melania is truly beautiful, but obviously painfully shy. She’s got the strenght to be a leader and great influence. She needs to step up and be more assertive – even with her husband who tends to be a little overbearing.
    Though I admire the intelligence and boldness of the First Daughter, Ivanka is not First Lady of the United States.

  13. The media cheered for and encouraged Obama like she was a toddler in toilet training. And for the same reason.

    Those who are no good at doing something require the constant adulation of their peers to distract them from the overwhelming evidence of their shortcomings.

    Those who excel do so in silence, foe they have no peers.

  14. @Ynot April 26, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    “…whereas Michie exudes nothing.”

    “…whereas Michie exudes anger and self-loathing.”

    There, FIFY!

  15. It is so nice to have a first lady who isn’t an angry man again!
    I have this linked in the latest #TrumpDay post at my place, btw:
    There is a video I poached from YouTube that is a tribute to our first lady that some of you might like.
    Did you know that the first troll comment I got at the original Zilla blog was from someone who got butthurt offended because I referred to the First Wookie as “Moose”? I don’t recall the exact wording of the outrage but I do remember that it contained the phrase, “How dare you!”

  16. It’s good for America, to have such a beautiful, intelligent woman as our First Lady. Shoving MO down our throats just didn’t work for this pathetic media, and yet They–>Still–>DON’T GET US.

  17. Some SJW Liberal cow on Facebook posted this meme—

    Someone said, “Well, I think you’ve succeeded in your quest.”

    I wasn’t me I swear.

  18. like a newborn giraffe…. Degreaser tool….

    I have to go look at the photos of all the previous first ladies ( ugh. you’re not included, Big Mike), but I think she has them all beat.

  19. I think the last 8 years was a test by the media to see how many people they could make believe something that obviously isn’t so.

  20. Frankly, I think they are, unintentionally, giving her the gift of privacy. My guess is that she is quite pleased. Also, ignoring her will soon backfire. She’s lovely. The less the public see of her, the more mysterious, and desirable, she becomes.

  21. @Left Coast Dan

    The models were a Spanish Royal Princess and the President of France’s wife wearing the latest fashion. Michell was dressed like she was their mammy. If I didn’t despise the women so much Iwould have felt embarrassed for her.

    I suspect they kept Moochelle’s mom locked up in the white house so no one would find out he was born Michael. Anyone ever recall hearing a peep from her?

    Malaia is an upgrade in beauty, style, intelligence, and class.

  22. I think most, if not all, of Mooch’s hideous and ill-fitting outfits were the result of the people who had to spend time with her and pick her clothes probably hating her because they got to know her. Rumor has it that she’s not exactly pleasant and demure.

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