The New Segregationists Circle Wagons Around Rep Cummings

John Nolte at Breitbart

To protect their power, even in failed cities and states like Detroit, Baltimore, and California, Democrats are enforcing the New Segregation in the exact same way they enforced the Old Segregation — through intimidation. The only difference is that today, rather than fire hoses, they sic their media on you; they lynch your character, and assassinate your reputation.

It’s worth noting that another disgusting area where the New Segregation is exactly like the Old Segregation is what happens to intellectual runaways, those who dare stray from the leftist thought plantation — people of color like Ben Carson, Candace Owens, Stacey Dash, Kanye West, Jim Brown, Mariano Rivera… No mercy for them…

It’s bad enough when a major political party and multi-national media corporations tag-team in a fascist effort to intimidate a country into thinking, believing, and speaking in only the “approved” and “correct” ways, but to do it based on skin color…. They have deliberately set racial progress back 60 years. More

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  1. Replace antifa (a branch of the democrat party) with the entire democrat party when identifying terrorist organizations.

  2. Whoop! Finally!! Here comes that frank discussion about race obama was always alluding. Well, guess what? It’s not gonna come down the way he thought, is it, now? LOL!!

    I’m so glad to be alive right now! I’m very excited for blacks in this country who recognize the brass ring of opportunity — if they will just reach out there and grab for it. We’re SO close!

  3. @ AA – Bingo.

    But we are talking about real rational voters that must be convinced, people that have been lied to for the past 60 years.

    @ Freeman – Old Schooled – double Bingo. Ben was the original Cummings.

  4. What’s so fcuked up about the left’s mission, it’s all about being a degenerate. So it should go without question, their very existence is all about ratfucking their constituents. Elijah, thanks to my main homie the honorable, bug brained in a Brawndo world, Donald muthafcukin Trump, continues to shine his light on the infestations we have as a society!

  5. All the professional race baiters are blaming the President…
    The President is saying look at the district, it is a rat infested shambles,
    It makes no difference if the congressman is green, blue, purple or red,
    The District is a mess, the person in charge should be investigated.

  6. Time to fight these motherfuckers. They Lie:
    Dae is two things that I despise:
    One be Demorats.
    The other be flys.
    One eats shit, the other tells lies.
    The more I see (and hear) Demorats,
    The more I likes flys.

  7. @Freeman

    It’s Ben’s great^10000 grandrats that are now fouling up Baltimore, with a special detachment of a couple of boatloads of NY rats who travelled south to join their buddies and have some fun.

  8. These modern day racists, segregationists and slave owners don’t tolerate criticism and this is simply more proof that they will do anything to preserve their control over their Plantations! The only difference between today and 200 years ago is that the plantations back then did a hellova lot better job of providing shelter, food and cleanliness!

  9. Mark Meadows, just spoke up defended Cummings, saying he is not racists! I find it maddening that anyone could defend that Vile mouthed Cummings. Meadows should go live in Baltimore in Cummings Rat District so he can learn to be an even better Democrat because he sure isn’t representing Republicans.

  10. To add a note of humor–do you think BigFurHat could be coaxed into making a portrait of Elijah Cummings out of rat droppings like the Obama one he did?

  11. He’s representative of the scum that infests the left, and enslaves black people.

    Cummings reminds me of Jews who worked the concentration camps and did the SS’s dirty work in exchange for a slightly longer life – only cummings has happily helped enslaved millions of modern blacks. His wife is a corrupt piece of shit, too:

  12. Moe Tom — It WILL get better!

    “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic (sic) for 200 years”

    LBJ never met DJT.

  13. Michael Steele, the former RNC Chairman and former Lietenant Governor of Maryland is a now basically a rat bastard spokesman for the left.
    He was at the leftist morons press conference with Bobblehead Sharpton, acting as a traitous right wing insider trying to sabotage President Trump because Steele’s a hateful Never Trumper.

  14. Has Jesse Jackson retired from fomenting hate? Years ago he would’ve been down there in the trenches (and on camera) in Baltimore faster than you can say Rainbow-Push.


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