The Real Fairy Tale is Marxist Economics

Capitalism creates wealth. Socialism can only confiscate and redistribute wealth, and ultimately destroys all wealth.

Canada Free Press: What does a corporation do when it gets extra capital? Simple, its executives, i.e. capitalist pigs, all undoubtably white males despite decades of affirmative action, turn it into gold coins and with their grubby, fat, fingers, bury it in their back yards. Doesn’t sound like the right answer to you? Well apparently it does to Mike Smith, editorial cartoonist for the Las Vegas Sun and syndicated editorial cartoonist.

In a recent cartoon he shows a father with a big book titled “Fairy Tales” sitting next to his little daughter. “And the big corporations used their tax cuts to create jobs” he reads.

This has to be the most flat-earth thing I ever read. It is a “fairytale” that corporations will use tax cuts to create jobs?  What else can they possibly do with capital other than create jobs? The expansion extra capital finances results in new jobs. And if some portion is used by executives to pay for their life-style, buying watches, cars, houses, also produces jobs.

“Progressives” actually believe that corporations are not responsible for jobs. Maybe they will admit that corporations produce a few jobs that exploit the proletariat, but will insist the majority of jobs are not created by corporations.

The logic behind this insanity is as follows: Corporations are the embodiment of evil, job creation is good, therefore corporations do not generate jobs. Never mind that millions of people do in fact work for corporations.

But this type of thinking is omnipresent in liberalism. At humanist meetings, in addition to expressions of admiration for Palestinian suicide bombers, I heard that ultra-orthodox Jews were the ones maintaining “the apartheid Zionistic entity”. Never mind that ultra-orthodox Jews hate Zionism and Israel as much as leftist Jews do!

The thought process was Israel was evil, and religion was evil. At least Christianity and Judaism was, not Islam of course, which progressive, feminist and gay groups all support. So how could ultra-orthodox Jews not be responsible for the “occupation”.  read more

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  1. Face it. Some people are just stupid and no amount of reason or common sense will ever change their minds. If you can’t run them out, ignore them. Despite baracks assertions, I do not and never will visit leftist websites. They’re just too dumb to tolerate.

  2. If the Republicans ever took any time to fight this bogus notions that corporations are inherently evil there wouldn’t be much wind in the Dems sails. It is simply a tax structure. There are incorporated individuals, like most of Hollywood. Unmask the boogey man and there is nothing there to rail against.

  3. The writer of this opinion is full of crap. I know the money corporations save through tax breaks will be put into a giant vault, and rich people will leap off of diving boards and swim through gold coins. This is true because it is written in the illustrated biography of S. McDuck, and no one could possible write a fake biography of someone with a smooth name like S. McDuck

  4. Creating a product takes resources…. capital, equipment, human resources. Libstains are unbelievably stupid. Lower taxes don’t cause Corporations to shower gifts upon anyone, except perhaps shareholders and executives. BUT, it provides an environment where the creation of any product is MORE PROFITABLE. THIS is why Corporations will migrate to a lower cost model every single time. It has nothing to do with generosity. That’s why it works so well. The new tax law also allows expensing of capital equipment cost in an accelerated period. This really greases the skids for a jump in investment, which in turn, will call for more capital equipment – some of which will be manufactured here… and for bodies to do work.

    A tax break doesn’t ordinarily call for a bonus for the rank and file. So, my suspicion is that something in the bill required it in conjunction with some benefit…works for me.


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