The Sounds of Social Justice

Marezilla has a nice song parody posted by some talented anti-antifa folks.

It’s based on the Sounds of Silence. The singing is great and the lyrics are at times very funny.

I’m struck by the fact that the right has a growing army of hipsters of our own, complete with hipster lingo and culture.

I like it, and on another level I’m wary. Maybe because I’m not the youthful chap I used to be. It could be an age thing. I dunno. What do you think?


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  1. “And in the Berkeley streets I saw…
    Ten hundred retards; maybe more…”

    That was worth the price of admission! I love it!!!

  2. very good … but do you reach the youth w/ 60’s pop?
    this will definitely reach us … but them?
    maybe … it’s what their grandparents listen to, after all

    btw, would be great if someone put this to SJW’s protesting & getting their asses kicked …. ‘yeah … that’d be greaaaaaat’

  3. ‘… would be great if someone put this to VIDEO of SJW’s … ‘

    (5 minute Edit button ….. pretty please?)

  4. THAT is amazing. Well written, well played, well sung (with harmony to boot!) and well mastered. Someone put a lot of time and effort into that. Well done.

  5. I bet Simon & Garfunkle are rolling in their graves!
    Whats that?
    They’re still alive?!?!?

  6. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ May 24, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    > this will definitely reach us … but them?

    Maybe a suggestion that old coots get offa’ their lawns?

  7. “I’m struck by the fact that the right has a growing army of hipsters of our own, complete with hipster lingo and culture.”

    When (some) people begin to understand what they might lose, they begin to think accordingly.
    Perseverance and patience.
    ‘100 monkeys’ and all that stuff.

  8. Thanks for linking!

    Y’all, please pay no attention to the five year old unrelated comments in the comments section of my new blog posts. Some kind of WordPress glitch that I have no idea how to freaking fix. I think it must have something to do with the fact that the posts those comments used to belong to ceased to exist when my database got nuked a year or two ago. But I don’t know why these things are happening NOW and it’s not even giving me the option of deleting them.

    Back to Fur’s topic at hand, I’m happy to see the right finally learning how to use our pop culture, and I’m older than BFH but I have kids who I aim to protect from leftism so I’m looking from a different perspective maybe.

  9. Listened/watched this version a few times. Went back to the original on youtube. Doesn’t have the same cohesiveness as the the original and missed the mark with this old broad with some of the references. Not bad, but not as hard hitting as it could have been.

  10. Yep, I’m old. I didn’t understand most of the lingo. Still, well performed! Just put S&G on the ol tone-arm.

  11. I enjoyed it but, it sure seemed like the lyrics were written by somebody much older.
    If indeed the lyrics were penned by a millennial, there may be a major sea change afoot!

  12. I have a 15 year old granddaughter and teenaged nephews who will NEVER be Left-wing…they were raised ‘Right’.

    I’m sure there are quite a few youngsters that would understand this song and the culture around it. They’re our descendants, after all.

  13. Holy crap that was good. And I got all the references, which means I’m not an ubergeezer! It’s transgenerational!

    Bravo, praise Kek and shadilay my friends.


    There were three men come out of the web
    A 4chan for to try
    And these three men made a solemn vow
    John Antifa must fry
    They plugged, they searched they narrowed him down
    Threw light upon this clown
    Now these three men take a solemn bow
    John Antifa was found

    They vetted this guy for a long long time
    Till in place the peaces did fall
    How Little Sir Progg sucker punched a head
    And so disgraced them all
    They checked his face ina detailed way
    Till a composite could be drawn
    And Little Sir Progg’s growna goatee beard
    And showed he’s Antifag

    They hired men with the minds so sharp
    To note ratios facially
    They scrolled, analyzed him for five days
    Observing tilts most nasally
    They hired men with the autist bent
    To Google him near and far
    And the Leafer he has served him worse than that
    For he’s found this Antifuck

    They stalked around and around the web
    Till they came onto a Prof
    And these three men made a awesome boast
    “We have found John Antifa”
    They hired men with the nasty wit
    To troll his “Rate Me” app
    And the Autist he has served him worse than that
    For he’s found OK Cupid crap

    And little Sir Progg with his dark black hood
    And his bike lock in his hand
    And Little Sir Progg with his light brown beard
    Proved he was a craven man
    The Cuntsman he cant pull cheap shots
    Or so loudly to blow queef-ah
    And the thinkers they can voice both theses and thoughts
    Without a little Antifa

  15. BTW, I’ve noticed the existence of an exceptionally talented song parodist on the alt-right. This is not his only work

    This is a masterpiece of satire, IMHO

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