The “Think” in Think Progress Refers To An Unfulfilled Wish, No?

You have to work hard to be as stupid as this dopey bint, an editor at Think Progress.

She’s accused the president of hypocrisy after he Manhattan Muslim Trash Truck Murders.

Trump has said that we should send the killer to Gitmo. The Think Progress editor whines that Trump didn’t say the same after the Vegas shooting.

You know what, let’s give her what she wants. Let’s put Paddock’s rotting corpse right next to one of her terrorist buddies.

Good idea, ya friggin’ moron.

more about Elham Khatami HERE


17 Comments on The “Think” in Think Progress Refers To An Unfulfilled Wish, No?

  1. That organization is a magnet to those dimwitted individuals out there that want to gather in the comfort of fellow morons. Easily led and easily manipulated, just how the left likes their followers.

  2. She’s not anymore stupid than the idiots on the Hill.

    “I’m in no rush to be first, but I will say this: We have to – we have to bring it to the floor,” Green said. He emphasized that there’s no need to wait for Mueller to conclude his investigation because the Constitution empowers Congress to impeach a president for any reason at all.

    “That investigation is a criminal investigation,” he said of Mueller’s probe, “and impeachment is political.”

    “I’ve never been of the opinion that we had to prove a crime to impeach this president.”

  3. Rational thought is merely a waste product of their feeble attempts at explaining events. These stooges have de-coupled themselves from reality and are incapable of structuring a coherent idea.

  4. Wanna drive a liberal feminist (redundant) insane (redundant) Bad_Brad? Tell her she can’t make you a sandwich.

    And shouldn’t she be wearing a burka? Wouldn’t want any honor killings by her father or brothers.

  5. To be fair to the poor dumbass, the way they’ve been handling the LV investigation, I can see where some lofos might think Paddock is still alive.

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