The Thrill Is Gone

Dan Joseph asked Chris Matthews about his leg and if he was still getting a thrill up it.

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See his response Here

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  1. Reminds me of an old cartoon of an Irishman standing at a bar, one foot on the bar rail. Unnoticed by him, a small dog is hiking his leg up and taking a whiz on the other foot. The Irishman takes a big swig out of his glass of beer and exclaims, “Ahh – faith, an’ I can feel it tricklin’ all the way down to me toes…”.


  2. Actually it was a thrill. that he felt. Around the same time, after the election that Evan Thomas of Newsweek said on national TV that obama “was like a God.”
    What lickspittles these guys are.

  3. Funny, look at the liberal shitbags instinctive response. Curses at the man and “tries” for a second to push him. Puts his hand on him but realizes hes to old and to gay to cat fight any longer. But they are violent scumbags…

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