They Spent Their Ossoff

The Georgia 6th district race was the most expensive in history with a total of $55 million spent. The Federal Elections Commission tells us that the Ossoff campaign spent $22,532,609 as of the end of May while the Handel campaign spent $3,158,847 over the same period.

The rest of the money spent on these two campaigns came from PACs. According to the NYT, The Handel campaign received $18.2 million in support while Ossoff only managed $7.6 million.

Yesterday, Breitbart ran a story on how the two parties are doing with their fundraising efforts. The Dems have had a terrible spring, raising about half as much as the Repubs.

The question today for democrats is how many more Ossoff like candidates can they afford to run?

Perhaps they need to learn to conserve.

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  1. The Dumbicretan spent and lied his Ossoff. A very expensive rejection. My suggestion is find a tall building and jump off the top floor! [Sarcasm]

  2. I like to think that their tanks are being sucked dry but, there always seems to be some rich $oros character with bottomless pockets willing to ante-up to promote the next Prog cause.

  3. Dems have always shown how they can waste other people’s money. They’re fund raising is slow to start because too many people feel as though they’ve been burned. LMAO at the crying losers! Gloat.

  4. $55 million spent on a House seat that wouldn’t have made a bit of practical difference in any voting outcome.

    That money could have been spent on school lunches, or healthcare, or food stamps, or any of those other things Dems love to tell us how much they care about.

  5. And I forget where I read it, but someone pointed out (using the same picture you used, above) how awesome it is seeing feminists in tears over the fact that a woman just beat a white man in an election.

  6. My sister and I were watching some show on FOX that mentioned the amount spent, to which I said to my sister: “And that’s money they will never ever, ever get back again.” And then my sister and I laughed and laughed. 😀

  7. They must have viewed Ossoff as the future for the party and were looking to really brag about taking Newt’s old district.

    They chose unwisely.

  8. In theory, I do prefer that the Republican won. The reality is that neither party is really trying to actually return the country to a Constitutional Republic – and that bothers me.

  9. We’re not out of danger. The vast majority of those whose net worth is between 8 and 11 figures are democrats. A couple thousand of them could pay off the campaign bills for both parties and it wouldn’t make a dent in their bottom lines. Cannot figure out why those who succeed, because of competitive free market capitalism, so strongly support communism.

  10. As Bubba’s Brother’s link points out, when they spent 0 dollars on the previous election they got 4 more votes than this time around.

    So the tally of how much spent for votes gained is in the negatives. -4 votes for all their trouble. ahhahahha

    An absolutely complete waste of resources. And Whoopie tries to spin it as a win of sorts. Delusional. They lie to themselves like this all the time and wonder why we don’t follow along.

    Empirical evidence says we gots more functioning brain cells per capita on the conservative side.

  11. “Cannot figure out why those who succeed, because of competitive free market capitalism, so strongly support communism.”

    Because they are greedy for money and power. If they get a pay-to-play cronyism going – their riches are guaranteed. Fuck the rest of us free thinking little people.

  12. Ossoff is a white male, so there is no media shaming going to happen. They should’ve thrown a loser minority candidate in there. Then at least they could claim racism.

  13. Eventually they will run out of Other People’s Money.

    Squandering money that could have done good, elsewhere, is what Dems do.

    And $55 million for a two-year seat is not Democracy. It’s Clintonism.

  14. What did they spend $55 mil on? Who got the money? OK, so 2 mil went straight up Chrissy Matthews’ nose, but what about the other 53?

  15. They are threatening to run Ossoff again, just not in the Sixth District. Maybe not even Georgia. Perhaps he and Jimmah’s grandson Jason Carter can form the core of the Eleventieth Parachuting Pajama Boy Battalion, dropping in to lose in whatever national race the Dems need to lose. Gayronimo!!!!

  16. #OssoffWeddingRegistry would be a good place to help lil’ Ozzie put his life back together. Marry the gal, Jon, and forget the politician’s life.

  17. Thirdtwin,

    yer killin’ me! LOL!

    “Eleventieth Parachuting Pajama Boy Battalion dropping in to lose in whatever national race the Dems need to lose…

    A new IOTWR classic!

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