They Think You’re Too Stupid To Govern Yourselves

Contrary to what you may have thought, our government is not a group of freely elected individuals sent by the people to represent them in our national governing institutions (the legislative and executive branches).

“It consists, instead, of administrative agencies staffed by unelected officials and linked to constellations of contractors, think tanks, quasi-governmental entities, and other elements of the Washington policy community that each year collectively write thousands of pages of rules and regulations possessing the force of law.”

Jennifer Bachner and Benjamin Ginsberg surveyed members of our nation’s governing infrastructure to see what they thought about the citizens they work for. “We learned that those who actually govern our nation do not think very highly of the American people. Many civil servants expressed utter contempt for the citizens they nominally served.”


Watch Bachner and Ginsberg present their findings in their book “What Washington Gets Wrong”  Here

The graphic used shows the 80+ different anti-poverty programs that spends upwards of a $1 trillion a year.  More

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  1. You don’t need to read a book or listen to an old white man lecture.
    A quick trip to the DMV or other agency, state or federal, will quickly show the contempt they have for the people who pay their salt. If their boss lets them get away with it, and the bosses boss lets them get away with it, right up the ladder.
    It’s supposed to go the other way, complain, lip service.

  2. The redundant local, state and federal agencies that regulate, rule and create policies were created to placate special interest groups, to tax, to permit and obstruct capitalism and freedom.
    Each of these administrative agencies have many position filled by people who were referred through political patronage, nepotism, favoritism and preference by politicians, their political organizations, special interest groups, contributors and supporters.
    It is a huge racket to maintain the political organization’s power, influence, phone banks, precinct workers, election judges, contributors and a network of loyal employees who perform favors (grants, jobs, licenses, permits, etc.,etc.) to the same.

  3. “They Think You’re Too Stupid To Govern Yourselves”

    A two step test:

    You’ve been ruled by the same government by regulation, rather than law, for how long? (numeric answer)

    The regulators are wrong about yur stupidity, why? (essay answer)

  4. Like they have been doing a great job! These “gatekeepers” have sure done a great job. /sarc They couldn’t have done any better if they were the most corrupt clueless people on earth.

  5. “They Think You’re Too Stupid To Govern Yourselves”

    The baseline that runs through my most-lefty friend’s politics.

    He hates people. To him, they are idiots who don’t know what’s good for themselves. People need to be forced into being good citizens. Always the collective over individual.

    Except for his own life. None of his politics apply to him. He’s insulated with his daddy’s money. He can’t run his own life, but, of course, the world would be a better place if he ran it.

    I’m fairly certain the left, as a whole, is bi-polar to some degree.

    Paranoid, delusional f**ks that won’t leave you alone.

  6. Government attracts people who have this fundamental belief and know with all their hearts that they are the ones who know best how the rest of us should live.

  7. Even if you accept the notion that they are smarter – and I do NOT, they only THINK they are smarter – it still does not give them the right to lord over you and control your life.

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