This is going to drive the left berserk – The MAGAFL: A New Football League

Vince McMahon is selling off $100,000,000 dollars of WWE stock and is financing a new football league.

He sees a void and is intent on filling it.

People are just not going to watch a SJW league trash the United States. So the guy who launched the XFL decades ago is going to try it again, using the Trump phrase MAGA – the MAGAFL.

He says he knows he can count on his friend, president Trump, to endorse the league, tweet it, promote it, etc.


Uhhh, no. It’s not.


Here are eight keys to success for McMahon–or any potential rival seeking to take fans and advertisers away from the stumbling and out-of-touch NFL–to consider as they contemplate how to dethrone that fading sports institution:

  1. Compete directly with the NFL in the fall, not the spring.
  2. Focus on traditional rules and style of play, including mandatory standing by players for the national anthem.
  3. Build your brand around traditional American values. MAGAFL, for instance, fits that bill better than XFL.
  4. Recruit players people know, like, and will root for.
  5. Place franchises in cities with high populations of Trump supporters.
  6. Select network broadcast partners who are not part of the anti-Trump mainstream media.
  7. Find advertisers who support traditional American values, like Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby.
  8. Hire announcers who focus on football and support traditional American values.



I’m in.

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31 Comments on This is going to drive the left berserk – The MAGAFL: A New Football League

  1. As long as they don’t have women announcers and reporters in the locker rooms, I will watch football again. Women have ruined televised sports. They just can’t shut the hell up. Too much yackery from the Howling Harpy League.

  2. I’m in too. I miss football.
    Although that Notre Dame/LSU citrus bowl game today was something else. I don’t know the guy’s name, but that amazing late in the game catch was sensational.

  3. This is hilarious. I’ve been watching this unfold. McMahon’s timing is perfect. And you just know Goodell is not going to back off his anti American Bull Shit. If he can sell some franchises this could be the death of the NFC.

  4. Have a sign on the locker room door: Players and staff ONLY! All others will be strip searched for cameras and/or recording devices.


    It’s going to fail, we all know this.

    There are PLENTY of ways to spend $100 mill responsibly, rather than pay jocks to run around a field.

    The V.A. could use MANY M.R.I. machines so the waiting time isn’t 6 damn months! Ever have a problem but can’t even see what it is for 6 months before they diagnose and fix it? Wanna wait that long?

    Pass on this spiteful experiment. Do good with the money. Let the NFL crumble under its own mis-management.

  6. Here’s the biggest problem with this concept. If you need a large stadium you need a large city. Every large city is liberal. Name just one large city that isn’t.

    So it’ll have to be done in the suburbs.

    Upon further reflection. Sadly. This will never work.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  7. Count me in! I love football as it used to be not as it has become. Park your politics and play ball.

  8. P.Henry’s right. Cities suck liberal ass. Big game stadiums aren’t like Nascar tracks. They’re monstrous. And look where most of the money comes for them to be built. Buy the vets some Real medical equipment. Screw the jocks.

  9. And if you want separate sports from politics don’t call it MAGAFL. It works at the moment. But it has a shelf life.

  10. @Jewel I’m not a fan of women sports announcers at all. For equestrian events, ice skating and tennis-fine-hockey and football-NO!!!

  11. Well, I was hoping for a Patriot League to pop up after Colin Crapernick did his little thing on the field. But even if McMahon pulls it off, I wouldn’t start watching. Just because it isn’t fun anymore. But I hope he tries it just so I can watch liberal heads explode!

  12. To compete against the NFL you are going to need a lot more money, and you would have to recruit NFL Players as well or Fail !

  13. Goodell manipulated the chaos in the NFL to negotiate the contract extension he wanted.
    As slick as he thought he was, he’s lost control of the entire situation.

    McMahon knows how to promote, but more than that, he knows his market and what they
    want. I think he’s got a fighting chance. Would love to see it succeed.

  14. Make it about football with Patriotism at the center.
    Lazlo wants to see great players doing outrageous stuff to win a game. I want to
    guys doing flips and stuff. I want to see great commercials. I want to see hot cheerleaders. I want to see crowd shots.
    I want to see football. Just plain old ordinary American football.

  15. never going to work. They will only get B & C players.
    Trump failed at it too. Give the money to the VA.

  16. You know who has a ton of football stadiums and talent ready to play for peanuts? Suburbs with decent HS programs. Promote the league as helping students by paying for stadiums and facilities (teams would upgrade locker rooms, concessions, weight rooms, etc to meet their needs and help kids).

    Can be promoted in urban areas as renewal projects and anti-gang programs, as the teams will need talent and employees. Brings jobs, pride and revenue to areas that need it. Win-win

  17. “This is going to drive the left berserk” no it hasn’t and no it was never going to. You snowflakes can create whatever subpar football league you want to, it will never be seen as America’s official football league. It will never be as popular and it will not be respecting America as much as the NFL does, which it does. Sorry that you’re so annoyed that you want to create a seperate league, but it means nothing.


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