This Isn’t Very Comforting

Oh, but it gets worse.  You’ll never guess what else they’re doing with Tide pods


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  1. You’re right, I’ll never guess. Because this is what I got when I clicked on the link:

    “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.”


  2. I got same message. Page shows but no article. Maybe thats a good thing. Been a long time since I met a smart youth.

  3. Conservative Tribune has a article of some moron youth who decided to vape a Tide Pod. Guessing maybe thats the article. My grandmother taught me about soap and the degestive system as a child. I don’t remember why, but boy do I remember the taste of Ivory soap.

  4. @willysgoatgruff: Good point. I’ll see your Dinah Shore in an early Covfefe and raise you a nude Dinah Shore lying on Burt Reynolds, who is drunk and wearing only a fur-lined leopard skin print jockstrap. In a 1928 Stutz Bearcat.

  5. @Vietvet…pictures or it didn’t happen….I’ll raise you Sally Field with all her wings a flyin…and a Loni Anderson bobble head…

  6. @willysgoatgruff: I can’t show you the pictures, but I can assure you that they are all right here in my head. Well…they were, anyway, until your comment replaced them with a foursome involving Burt, Dinah Shore, Sally the Flying Nun, and Loni Anderson (not the bobblehead) getting it on in a 1969 Volkswagen minibus.

    On acid.

  7. Whatever happened to innocent fun like swallowing live goldfish or stuffing as many people into a VW beetle until there was no more room to move? These idiots nowadays are suffering from serious dain bramage. C’mon, morons we quadruple dog dare you to vape a tide pod. Hope you have a brain when you’re done. They need to run a new anti vaping tide pod ad, “This is your brain on stupidity.”

  8. This nonsense sounds like another PiG (Procter & Gamble) free advertising
    campaign with the compliance of the leftist “news media”. I remember their
    gibberish about certain religious groups seeing Satan in their logo. They pulled that one twice. PiG has no sense of honor. Tide sales must be hurting.


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