This… This is Fantastic

Well done. Perfect words, perfect phrasing with unforced cadence. Top notch. Powerful.

HT/ C Steven Tucker

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  1. That’s islam perfectly distilled to its vile, savage, brutal, fascistic, ugly, smelly essence.

  2. Yea except this is Merica. And we don’t hide. We shoot them in the face. (Man my wife gets pissed when I say that).

  3. Some rich people should pay to put this on tv. Once an hour for the next year.
    Sending it to other republicans does little. Send it to liberals.

  4. The sad part unlike the original version this will not be played on around the clock on all of the media. The lightened university students will never hear it.

  5. Wow, a song I sang and practiced endlessly repurposed to a higher power. Talk about forwarding.
    And Brad, I would give you a big smooch if you said you would shoot them in their rotting genitalia, husband or not!

  6. People in in the western world should be able to sue their gov’ts for wrongful death in the event of war against enemies who had been earlier identified as desiring to kill them. For example, all the European countries overrun by Hitler, and especially the British, who, led by Chamberlain, were forced into a war against Germany because Chamberlain and others made them sit on their hands until it was too late to do otherwise. I would be enraged if I lost a husband or son to a war that proved to be unnecessary had our gov’t done the right thing to begin with.

  7. Powerful!!!

    Someone needs to download this so that when it is taken down… it will be certainly censored…..we can bring it back up again. And again and again.

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