This Will Go On All Day

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  1. We have 4 of these guys! Believe me, they WILL find something to do if/when bored! They are awesome, loving and loyal creatures

  2. Lazlo likes!
    Lazlo’s best friend Angus is an Aussie Shepherd.
    If we had snow here I would expect no less.
    Best friend I ever had

  3. I was literally raised by a very large Border Collie. He “herded” me away from the busy highway we lived by just like he herded the cattle and even the chickens when told to put them up for the night.

    The intelligence of this breed is higher than many humans. With no training necessary, I could tell him anything. I once said, “go get on the wellhouse King” and he ran right over, jumped up and waited until I told him to get down.

    A child growing up in the country could ask for no better companion, friend and protector, though they don’t do well in the suburbs.

    Thanks for sharing!


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