Three NFL Network Personalities Suspended For Sexual Harassment

Rams Hall of Famer, Marshall Faulk, former Seahawks full back, Heath Evans, and former Steelers cornerback, Ike Taylor, have all been suspended by the NFL Network after complaints were filed by a former wardrobe stylist, Jami Cantor, in Los Angeles Superior Court.  Also named in the sexual harassment complaint was former executive producer, Eric Weinberger.



5 Comments on Three NFL Network Personalities Suspended For Sexual Harassment

  1. Now if this gets to trial, and she loses, does she get blacklisted and have to pay out cash to her offenders?
    Ladies, if you truly want equal rights, that is what should happen to you. Enough of this already. It’s making REAL victims look like attention whores and they shouldn’t never be looked at that way.

  2. If she has photos, texts, take them and file a police report. If they’re not paying her correctly, go to the labor board and then get a lawyer. I’m not going to believe every single man at a workplace is a felon, when there are a lot of women who run offices and corporations. You can’t tell me women don’t do this, too.

  3. Speaking of “Moon landing deniers,” Marshall Faulk believes the moon landings were staged.
    No shit.
    Hell, some NFL idiots are 9-11 deniers and others believe the world is flat.

    Of course nothing tops Adrian Peterson claiming he was a slave at $20+ million a year in salary.

  4. Apparently, some of these grid iron heroes sent her pictures of their junk. I’m embarrassed for their families.

    The network is potentially on the hook for big bucks because she complained and was told a women as attractive as she is should expect lewd behavior from these professionals.


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