Tim Tebow’s Mom Gives Powerful Speech At March For Life

Daily Caller: The mother of former Heisman Trophy winner and current minor league baseball player Tim Tebow gave a powerful speech at the March for Life on Friday.

Pam Tebow recounted how she became pregnant while she and her husband were working in as missionaries in the Philippines. The doctors said she had a tumor and pressured her to have an abortion instead of carrying baby Tim to term. But the Tebows refused and put their trust in God, Pam said.

“In the beginning it was a difficult pregnancy. We thought we lost him so many times. The best doctor in town did tests and determined that Timmy was a massive fetal tissue a tumor and I needed to abort and abort immediately or I would die. If I had died in childbirth, God still would be God, wouldn’t he? But because of our love for the life in the womb, we chose to trust God and refuse to have an abortion,” she said.  read/watch

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  1. I was there on the mall to hear her today. She’s a great natural speaker with a wonderful message. Tim Tebow has a great mom.
    Big turn out today for the March/rally. Lots of Americans from all walks of life, all colors, all ages. Contingent from New York, Florida and elsewhere. Lots of young people.

    Happy people united to MAGA.
    Americans united can accomplish anything, including putting this Nation back on the right path.
    God bless all those I saw today.


    One of the many illuminati videos on youtube had a video segment of Satanists proudly coming to the microphone supporting Planned Parenthood. Wish I could find it.

    WOULD IT SURPRISE YOU AT ALL that the blood would be secretly passed off to these kooks for their rituals? Don’t be. Look how many Hollywood woman have had MISCARRIAGES. Healthy RICH women with access to the best doctors, have an astonishingly large amount of them. Is that their price for fame? Do they take them to Bohemian Grove for other sacrifices? Probably.

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