Time for Huma Abedin to Come Out of the Shadows

hillary and huma

FrontPage– Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s longtime confidante, is currently the vice chair of her 2016 presidential campaign. “I’m not sure Hillary could walk out the door without Huma,” Clinton adviser Mandy Grunwald said back during the days of Hillary’s first run for the presidency.

Huma and Hillary are inseparable, including having been linked together on a private e-mail network while Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State and Ms. Abedin was her deputy chief of staff. If Hillary Clinton were to be elected president of the United States, Ms. Abedin will no doubt be right there with Hillary as her right hand person in the White House. And that may well be a major coup for the Muslim Brotherhood, whose strategic plan calls for destroying Western civilization from within and “‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”  MORE

15 Comments on Time for Huma Abedin to Come Out of the Shadows

  1. I have a VERY BAD visual of these two stored deep in the dark side of my brain.

    Since it’s Friday and I’m in a good mood, I will do you a favor and NOT share.

  2. And speaking of which, isn’t it illegal in Islam for a Muslim woman to be married to a Jewish man. Of course it is, and your first clue is that Huma is connected to the Clintons. Everything about the Clintons is bullshit — even their Muslims

  3. Clearly she is connected to Killary thru her lezboism as proven by her Weiner looking to tap anything that walks on it’s hind legs…plus Daddy Muzzie would never let her truly marry a Jewish man unless it was a front to hid her Lezboism

  4. Does anyone know when the Clintons took in Huma? She was most likely planted into their regime when they saw Hillary’s route to Prez. Look how long ago they started working on Barry, buying him into law school with crappy grades.


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