Tonight’s Soothiness by Just the Tip

I love this. It’s a series of gifs that tell the story about how things are made. It can be hypnotic.

I particularly like the camouflage on Army Helmets gif.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 4.09.17 PM

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  1. Welcome to my World, love making and watching stuff be made! The process shown putting camouflage on helmets has been around some time. I’ve done similar with latex paint, some borax and water. Lookup “swirl painting.”

  2. Plain Jane My thoughts too. But the engineering is amazing.
    I saw the lip stick line in AVON once. My friend was a mechanic there and gave me a tour. Unbelievable. They are extremely safety conscious The Camo hands should have had gloves.

  3. In my career as an engineer, have had occasion to work with some progressive manufacturing engineers. They all say the same thing, once you get the timing down, the rest is easy.
    Progressive, another perfectly good word co-opted by the crazy.

  4. In all probability, he was wearing “gloves”, it’s a rub on cream.
    If it’s not dangerous, works as well as gloves protecting your hands and way less cumbersome.
    Like snowflakes, no two helmets alike.

  5. Now, just imagine if any one of those processes had been designed and implemented by some fat-assed gov’t worker or lazy, affirmative-action union maggot!

    There would be NO bullets,
    NO chicken wire,
    NO pop-tarts,
    NO chains,
    NO helmets,
    NO pretzels,
    &c., &c.

  6. Every time I watch those shows on how items or products are made I seem more amazed there are complicated machines that were made to make said items. It is simply amazing to me that someone somewhere was smart enough to make a machine to make the bullets, macaroni, pop tarts, etc.

  7. The chicken wire was my favorite.
    But what were they making in the one after the bottled water?
    Drawing endless circles on something?

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