Track Palin Gets in So Much Trouble He Might Qualify To Be a Kennedy


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s eldest son, Track, was arraigned Sunday on domestic violence charges, according to online court records.

Track Palin, was arraigned Sunday morning on charges of felony burglary, assault in the fourth degree and criminal mischief for causing property damage in Wasilla, Alaska, according to court records. The criminal mischief charge was for causing between $250 and $999 in property damage.

The alleged incident occurred on Saturday, according to the court records, which indicated that all charges were related to domestic violence, reported NBC News.

Further details on the nature of the alleged incident were not immediately available.

An attorney for Todd and Sarah Palin said on behalf of the two that the Palins were unable to comment on the incident.

22 Comments on Track Palin Gets in So Much Trouble He Might Qualify To Be a Kennedy

  1. Some people are just fucked up. No matter how hard you, try as a parent, your kid is going to disappoint you. Sad but true.

  2. Bad kids happen to good people.

    My only sibling, my brother (and now his wife as well) delighted in ripping the hearts
    out of my parents, me and my kids. No more. In this life, people only wound you with your
    permission and I no longer grant them that.

    I feel sorry for the Palin family. They are already a target for the Maggot Media. They
    Didn’t need this.

  3. Too bad young fella, but with that last name, you have to know you’re coming to get more scrutiny and probably less sympathy. Everyone’s going to now what you’ve done. Suggest you switch political parties and turn on your Mom. You’ll be seen as a hero.

  4. Track has quite a record of messing things up when alcohol and girlfriends are involved. The last time this happened, his mom blamed it on his “woundedness” from the stress of driving the brass around Baghdad when he was in the Army National Guard. He was in the Guard, because it was that or jail time for vandalizing the brakes on school busses. He’s on track to spending serious time in a wine and cheese pairing facility.

  5. Truffles, unless someone lives that they have no idea that kids like that were monsters their entire life. Something is short wired in their brain and a parent can’t fix it no matter how hard they try. There comes a time when the parents and siblings have to just say they’ve had enough.
    Parents though will always get the blame.

  6. Old man Kennedy was a bootlegger, a thug; an Irish mafioso – so the similarities aren’t really there.
    One would EXPECT a Kennedy whelp to be a drunken, murdering rapist – not so much a Palin.

    There’s simply no accounting. I knew a guy who spent 30 yrs. in the Navy (NCO), his brother was a Member of Congress, and another brother was a worthless drunk.
    So – whomp – dere it is!

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Biden’s 42 year old son flunked out of a sweetcake gig in the Navy for repeated cocaine violations, cheated on his wife with his dead brother’s widow, and now works for the Russians.

    This all happened while Grabby Joe was VP.

    Don’t recall it being in the news either.

  8. “Old man Kennedy was a bootlegger, a thug; an Irish mafioso – so the similarities aren’t really there.”

    You’re thinking about the old Kennedys. No, it’s the up and comer Kennedys, the ones who do the low-rent crimes like disturbing the peace, drunk driving, drugging, assault, etc. they are what Track is resembling.

  9. Cliche Guevara, yeah, ain’t that some shit? Even his niece is a drug addled douche who made it to the news for about 10 minutes. Once when she was arrested, they had to put her in a wheelchair and throw a blanket over her and take her to jail. lol.

    I recall Malaria 0bama smoking weed, rolling on the ground at some concert. While 0bama was still preezy. Another time getting so fucked up she was taken away in a golf cart. And that one time she was screaming at some reporter saying she wasn’t an animal in a cage! Was that on the news? no, only TMZ had it.

  10. MJ: No big deal had Creepy Joe not touted himself the founding father of The War on Drugs.

    Just from the hypocrite angle.

  11. The similarities of Track Palin’s troubles and the dirt-bag Kennedy kids’, where one family who is treated like shit by the MSM, and the other regarded as American royalty by the MSM, aren’t there?
    I guess I must apologize to the Kennedys.
    I stand corrected.

    I’ll do better.

  12. BFH; Most of the Palin’s children have led trouble free lives as they outgrew a few youthful indiscret moments. Track seems to be the exception. Some people live and never learn.

  13. Reminds me of the little kid named Barn Door refused admission to school on account of his name being unacceptable, on his way out he sees his brother waiting his turn, says, “forget it Wagon Wheel, you ain’t got a chance” where do they get these names?

  14. I suspect that he got drunk, was locked out of his house by the wife and broke in (hence the burglary), got into it with her and slapped her as few times (no excuse for that, alcohol or not) and that’s the assault 4 charge and threw some stuff around, breaking some things and that’s the criminal mischief charge.
    The man needs some help and fast. Some time in the joint is probably a start but he needs to kept protected because of his name he’s going to get tested by the other inmates. By tested I mean beat up and sexually assaulted. Mom and Dad have to step in hard with alcohol and anger management treatment at a real rehab, not a Hollywood one. It will be interesting to see how the press handles this, we know how the lib trolls will.

  15. I wish Track and the Palin family God’s grace in solving their problems and his protection against the Left’s assault.


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