Trail ‘Gone Cold’ in Hunt for NY Inmates


(NEWSER) – There have been no sightings of Richard Matt and David Sweat on the International Space Station, meaning the two NY prison escapees are likely still somewhere on this planet—but officials admit that despite some promising clues last week, they have no idea where. A state official tells CNN that 10 days in, the trail has gone cold and the two killers could now be in Mexico or Canada—or still within a few miles of the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY. In other developments:

  • The search may have been hampered by interagency rivalries, as well as by the “disruptive” appearance of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the command center when the search was still in its first hours, sources tell the New York Post. One source says there was nearly a potentially deadly confrontation a few days ago when a team of state troopers combing the woods for the escapees were surprised by a team of prison officers doing the same thing.


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  1. My guess is they are in the area living with someone.
    These guys are really smart. For a short time they could do a force entry and hold people hostage in their home. But not for the long run.
    They best trick is to hide in plain sight.

  2. So I am always alert for squirrels in the news and wondering why this is getting so much press. Yes I know that they escaped and that they were in prison for murder but this is the only story I hear on the news anymore!! What are they not telling us while using all the airtime for this story? ooo shiny !!

  3. Have they checked in that pile of Hillary’s e-mails?

    Or Lois Lerner’s?

    Maybe they’re hiding behind Obola’s transparency?

    Maybe they’re searching for the “real” killers?

    Maybe they’re in Benghazi?

    Could have fallen into Obola’s and Kerry’s “negotiations” with Iran.

    Got lost trying to cross the “red line” in Syria?

    Looking for a “moderate” moslem?

  4. “Trail ‘Gone Cold” is generous with the credit considering the last know location of these guys was the man hole they climbed out of.

  5. b b but we NEED women to work in mens prisons because they’re only paid 77% of a man’s wage.

    so even tho the adulterous wife snuck some stuff to them, she did not show up with a car to drive them to canucklestan — there’s just NO WAY they could’ve gave HER the slip and got somebody else to provide a car and some clothes to head north to the porous border of canader??

  6. Hey now-

    You just know that bitch got herself passed around in prison. Who knows what kind of stuff she turned her back on when it came to those criminals.

  7. All those anti gun freaks up there in New York have all of a sudden embraced gun ownership. They are all skeered $hitless and have decided to lock and load. Well, it’s never too late for them to get the message and embrace the fact that either kill or be killed.

  8. What a phenomenal goat screw and we get to watch! I have generally found that you elect the people you deserve.


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