Trans-Man beaten for assaulting teen girl

DownTrend: Here is yet another example of the problems presented by the anti-science of transgender people randomly picking their gender. Does anyone want a grown man using bathroom facilities with little girls? Is it fair for men to participate in female athletics because they wear dresses? What about girl fights? A tranny man in Arizona beat the sh!t out of a little girl and then cried hate crime when the victim’s friends put him in the hospital in retribution.

18-year-old Dakota Kern was born male but has identified as female for the past 5 years. Make no mistake; he is a full grown male adult. Despite this, he picked a fight with a much smaller 15-year-old girl and beat the hell out of her. So proud of this lopsided gender-bending fight was Kern, that he posted the video to his Facebook page. MORE

13 Comments on Trans-Man beaten for assaulting teen girl

  1. My 15 year old (who is trained in serious self-defense methods which seek to maim/disable an attacker and taught by ex-IDF instructor) would not have had this problem in the place.

    Prevention is worth a lot of post-event punishment.

  2. Perverts have special rights in most states, it appears.
    The 15 yr. old girl who he had beaten needs to file charges on this 18 yr. old male, if wears a dress or not.

  3. He wants to be a girl, if it had been my granddaughter, would have made him a eunuch instead.
    Then fed the goose berries to the dog.
    I have done it, know how, bigger balls than he has.
    I feel a jury nullification coming.

  4. He’ll hang himself in a closet before he’s 25.

    What a waste.

    His two mommies, doctors, “transition therapists” and all others involved need to be. charged with child abuse for creating/enabling his psychosis.

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