I sense some spectacular beat-downs and lawsuits about to happen.

tranny prison

“Ohmagaaah…This place is so ugly and uncouth.”

Breitbart CA: San Francisco will soon be jailing transgender prisoners according to their gender identity, not their biological sex, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Controversial San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi announced on Thursday that starting next month, inmates and staff members in the sheriff’s department will be educated and trained to transition transgender inmates into participating with other women in drug and alcohol abuse education programs and women’s empowerment groups.

“The high majority of municipal jails and prisons in this country make invisible, suppress or isolate inmates who are transgender,” Mirkarimi said in a statement, according to theChronicle. He said his decision to focus on transitioning female transgender inmates is a priority is due to the fact that there are generally fewer transgender men in the prison system by comparison.

Mirkarimi reportedly hopes to integrate all transgender inmates into the general jail population by year’s end.


I think Mirkarimi should spend time integrating illegal aliens back out of California.


  1. I’m waiting for the video of when the butch lesbians beat the shit out of some fay freak that “self identifies” as a woman. The sheriff and the county will get sued and the removal of this policy will be swept under the rug…quietly. Or maybe it will be put back in the closet where it belongs.

  2. I can understand it completely.
    See, there are all these mean, old, drop your soap and I’ll rape you from behind kinda guys in jail, right?
    Well, now just IMAGINE if they do that to one of these people: “ooh, baby, YEAH! harder! faster! deeper!”

    Well, now. Isn’t that AWKWARD?!?

    On the other hand, it would save citizens alot by reducing the prison population REEEEAL QUICK.

  3. Having worked as a Correctional Officer for 10 years. I can honestly say that transgender inmates are absolutely hilarious! We had one who was previously on Estrogen treatments and requested a “sports bra” for jogging. He was harassed so bad that he only lasted a few weeks before they had to transfer him into a mental correctional institution for his own safety..We had another one body slam another inmate on a stainless steel table in food service claiming that he chooses who he wants to date, and the other inmate wasn’t it.. and another who altered his shorts into “hot pants” and used to steal the red china markers for lipstick and would burn plastic spoons and use the soot for eye shadow. There’s even a joke/riddle: What do you call testicles on a homosexual?.. Answer: Mudflaps..

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