Trump 2018 Preview


What’s on the president’s agenda for the year ahead? Here’s what to look out for in the new year.

President Trump’s first year in office delivered wins for the American people, so it’s safe to assume that his second year will be just as eventful.

Trump and the Republican Congress set themselves up for success in the new year with a massive tax overhaul at the end of 2017. Now the president and congressional leaders are looking to enact two key legislative planks of the Republican platform as they prepare for the midterm elections.

Infrastructure: The president indicated after the successful tax reform package passed in December that he would pursue a massive infrastructure project in 2018. Trump has previously said that he would like to see $1 trillion go to rebuild America’s road and bridges, and Republicans are hoping that Democrats will join to back the legislation.  more here


7 Comments on Trump 2018 Preview

  1. With this nationwide extended cold front Trump should come out and say:

    “Under my plan, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket…”

    Or perhaps, “We’re going to put coal companies out of business.”

    Smart power!
    Seriously, how can a leftist EVER get elected?

  2. President Trump will now take on the “Shovel Ready Jobs” that 0bama couldn’t do.

    I love this guy. With every action he deliberately buries Barry.

  3. The other day 12/6, during a radio interview, Ryan announced the House will seek cuts in Medicare, medicaid and welfare.

    Apparently Ryan is tired of winning.

  4. He’s meeting with the leadership of the GOP senate (and house?) next weekend at Camp David to craft an agenda for immediate actions. It will give him some face time with The Club. It will be interesting to hear what comes out it. Now that he has his sea legs, 2018 should be a real barn burner. Looking forward to it!



    Remember how that was supposed to help America? What happened? Unionized teachers got to stay on the job. FBI got new computers. Crazy research projects green-lighted. A dry lake in Utah got a guard rail.

    Maybe Trump can do a lot better than this.


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