Trump Ahead of Romney’s Weird Pot/Kettle Attack Video

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  1. Trump is going to leave this Nancyboy in a puddle of tears if he doesn’t make like he’s in the witness protection program and disappear.

  2. Took me a few minutes but it finally dawned on me – Trump is paying Romney to run his mouth and the E’s think he is doing it for them!! Remind America why Obama got a second term and who did it! Brilliant!

  3. I just heard Romney’s speech-what a pitiful asshole.

    This is the same guy that lost to Obama when he had him by the balls before that second debate-HAD HIM BY THE BALLS.

    What a loser. Imagine the pressure the GOPe is exerting to derail Trump.

    And you should hear the pile on by the CBS commenters-we know that Trump is directly over the target because he’s getting fire from all sides.

  4. the liberal GOPe owns this guy.
    He wouldn’t attack obama, but he can attack republicans.
    romney was a spineless loser then and remains so to this day.

  5. trump wins again because of losers like romney. the best that the gop can do is rally around this phoney. it will only enlarge “the donald’s” base. those blue collar workers, minorities that DID not vote for mitch, are coming out in droves for trump. and that pisses the gop off. how dare the rubes do this! their overlords know better.

    rush says romney is fine, sincere, has integrity, a genuine patriot.
    wrong. he IS no different than the left. just a slower death.

  6. There are two distinct parties ? REally ?

    I remember Romney losing to the @*%$ and not even looking like he cared. Almost happy for the outcome. No arguments and no proposal to recount those votes of dead people or to get the votes of military. I thought they were all on the same team. They seem to have been the same team for at least 7.25 years. History calls it an Oligarchy.

    Our task remains the same… to figure out which liar lies less.

  7. a business man citizen is getting the better of the politicians at their own game.

    but then we all knew the politicians where not the sharpest tools in the shed, didn’t we?

    imagine how many more “trumps” are out there in this country.

  8. @bill — to answer your question on how many more Trumps: This voter and every other person who is trying to reinvent their economic lives but have been crushed by $2,000,000,000,000.00 worth of small business regulations enacted by the Uniparty for the past 50 years. That’s who.

  9. I imagine Trump’s poll numbers will increase significantly because of this video. The establishment’s gravy train is going to be derailed. It is their own despicable behavior that gave rise to Trump.

  10. Romney is NOT the elder statesman for conservatives in this country. He’s a northeastern, liberal who’s signature accomplishment – Romneycare – was the forerunner of Obamacare. SHUT IT!

  11. Romney would have been more effective in his goal if he had said Trump is as big a fraud as Mitch McConnell and many others elected in 2010/12.

    And then called on McConnell and the other frauds to go as a group on a national tour hitting at least 12 major cities where they publicly apologize to the American people for being lying a-holes. Who have realized the citizens are justifiably angry. And from now till Election Day will work to reverse course, taking every possible action to stop Obama dangerous agenda. And they will continue after election if people will dump Trump.

    But Mittens missed his chance to smack down what created Trump’s support.

  12. Plain Jane never misses an opportunity to bash Cruz, even when Cruz is not on the menu. Talk about derangement syndrome.

  13. I think it is despicable what the GOPe are doing to try to take Trump down. As everyone here knows, I am not a Trump supporter, but when people like Romney attack him, they are also attacking all of his supporters. This really shows the disdain they hold for all of us.

    I voted for Romney because #NotObama, but I never thought he was a conservative. There is one thing I admire Romney for and that is his rescue of the L.A. Olympics. That told me he had some business sense. So now I come to the reasons for this post.

    This is a serious question for the Trump supporters out there. The answer may help to assuage some of my doubts about Trump. In Romney’s speech he states that Trump’s trade tariffs and tax plan, in addition to his not addressing entitlements (his words) show that Trump is not a smart businessman. I would like to know from you who have studied his plans, what you think of these statements. I actually have gone to his site and read his platform, but I am not an economist and would like it broken down a little. Like I said – serious question.

  14. Romney is a pussy, he was planning to run until he found out that I was going to beat him like a rented mule if he so much as showed up. He is scared of me, the guy is a pussy.

  15. The eGop just bought Trump another 24 hours of free medial coverage. What a bunch of maroons, what a bunch of ignoranimouses!

  16. @ riverlifecali

    That was not a bashing of Cruz. You can look at this two ways.

    1. The GOPe WANTS Trump out of the way to make way for Cruz in order to take Cruz down easier, or

    2. The GOPe WANTS trump out of the way to make way for Cruz to take over when they throw Rubio away.

    Apparently the derangement syndrome is at work.

    You chose my meaning to be #2.

  17. Trump is addressing entitlements by saying we’re not cutting SS. He wants to grow the economy to fund SS, not print fairy dust money.

    He has said he is going to go after the fraud in Medicare which runs into the 100s of billions of dollars. As much as there are those that may not like it, MediCare works but is riddled with waste and fraud.

    We’ll see if his approach is realistic.

    I’m not an economist either but when our tax structure and wages make it economical for companies to manufacture off shore, costing 10s of millions of jobs since NAFTA, step back and ask yourself if the dire economic consequences that Romney spoke of are firmly rooted in reality.

    If all of us benefit from .50 tomatoes but we are getting them from Mexico thereby costing the jobs here, is it worth it to us top pay more for tomatoes? Or air conditioners? If the money stays here, why is it bad to pay a little more for out tomatoes?

    There’s a wicked downside to those huge container ships that leave China packed full and return empty. Yes, we’re getting inexpensive flashlights, sweat shirts and stereos. But it’s given us the lowest labor participation rate in 60 years. Am I saying that we should be manufacturing flashlights as a means to bring back jobs? Well, every little but helps and it wasn’t that long ago that Wal-Mart proudly proclaimed that they sold American made goods.

    The days of stepping out of high school into a steel plant and making family raising wages are probably gone. But if we took advantage of the one huge ace we hold, that is the means to lower energy costs, the low wages Mexico can offer is offset. Plus the 100s of 1,000s of jobs in the energy industry that would be created are excellent paying jobs. Union jobs no less.

    There aren’t the sweat shops of 20 years ago-yes workers in China and Vietnam can make a iPhone for less then workers here but even China is faced with an avalanche of strikes as their workers demand better wages.

    Trump will use our strengths, that is our buying power and the ability to create, to leverage the cheap labor that Mexico offers.

    I’ve read all my life about how tariffs start trade wars but our goods are virtually non existent in China and Japan because of their tariffs. Trump wants free trade but c’mon, is it reasonable that for every 1,000 Japanese cars here, there’s one American car in Japan?

    He laughs at AGW, will drill baby drill, will stop these terrible trade deals like TPP. What he does to the bureaucracy in DC is another tale. I hope he’s planning on streamlining because it’s a monster.

    In short, is what we’re doing now working? If you want to create an even bigger crony capitalist country then your answer is yes.

  18. The sheer hypocrisy of the GOPe
    in attacking/slandering the current frontrunner
    in hopes of destroying “him”.

    (I mean, we ALL remember how the GOP brought McCain out to trash Romney in 2012…right?…right?!?!?!?)

    The only casualty will be what little is left of the GOPe.

  19. MM — This piece from Fiscal Times, written in ’14, talks about the GAO identifying redundant federal agencies that waste at least $45,000,000.000.00 annually. I like writing out all the zeros — I think it hammers the point home.

    I believe government waste and spending is at least triple that because the GAO doesn’t even know how many agencies are duplicate — they don’t keep track of what the agencies actually do!

    And that’s not even taking into account the fraud factor. Just how many stories have we seen in the past five years about non-existent workers, money kickbacks for contracts, etc? And that’s just at the fed level! If you take into account the states, counties and municipalities, we’re all probably paying the going rate for three U.S. gov’ts. You bet your sweet xxx Trump will not only be looking into this, but changing it double quick. He’s very proud of his Scottish heritage.

  20. The difference between Trump and the rest of the world is he wants growth through capitalism, not managed decline of the U.S. through nickle and dime, quarter and dollar taxation and redistribution — take from the people who pay into SS and Mediare and give to the illegals for free healthcare and higher ed. Take from the military and use our aircraft to fly refugees in from Syria.

  21. Ahhhh… the Mittens/McCAN’T/Bob Dull camp of “electable” Republicans.

    And HOW did that work out again? 🙄

  22. I like this quote from Dianny’s article today,

    “If Romney were such a central figure to the direction and shape of the GOP, wouldn’t we be calling him “President Romney” right now?”

  23. I supported Romney, sent him hard earned money, voted for him.

    What a fooken eegit I feel like now.!

    I’m watching “House of Cards” on Netflix. I feel so sorry for the young and the unaborted. They will have a rough roe to hoe under socialism . It’s Coming.

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