‘Trump ANTICIPATED most if not all of what’s happening’

100% Fed Up; Thomas Wiktor is an author and a novelist. He is also the first person to bring the signature in the Roy Moore accuser’s yearbook to the attention of the public. After much screaming from the rooftops by conservatives on social media and a few people at Fox News, the accuser’s shady lawyers, Gloria Allred was forced to publicly address the issue.


It appears as though Wiktor has another stunning theory he has put forth on Twitter, and this time it’s about the brilliance of Donald Trump, and how even before he became President of the United States, he planned for any potential pitfalls he might face, and how he would get ahead of them. Follow the fascinating thread of Thomas Wiktor. It’s hard to refute the evidence he lays out in this case. We start by sharing our favorite quote from one of the tweets in Wiktor’s thread about the mediocre nature of Barack Obama, as he never understood and seriously underestimated the brilliance of Donald Trump.

President Obama is a very ordinary man. He did everything in a mediocre way.

Even his lawlessness is mediocre. A Chicago machine politician. Yawn.
Here are the tweets in order.

16 Comments on ‘Trump ANTICIPATED most if not all of what’s happening’

  1. Go President Trump Go!

    or as we say in our little Tea Party group that can “Fast as fast can be, you’ll never catch HE!”

    The man didn’t parlay his initial grubstake into lots of money by being stupid and gullible.

  2. In the case of Obama (Columbia University affirmative action admittee) and other professors – – a piece of paper from an institution saying you jumped through hoops like a trained dog IS NOT an indication of intelligence nor does it make one intelligent.

  3. ….Sh*tthole Schumer denied voting for the CR by majority vote!

  4. Now I’m beginning to think that Obama’s Tahiti book-writing Overseas Contingency Operation was actually a panic move.

    Nah, Barky thinks he’s bulletproof. When they frog-march him out of the bath house with a towel over his head, he will be shocked to his arrogant core.

  5. It’s so weird — awkward, strange, out-of-body — when you see someone so clearly and are so convinced of their abilities.

    There were zero people who came close to having Trump’s skill. Zero. Not even close.

    And when he’s done with 8 years the bar will be so freaking high it will be too painful to ever consider another D.C., inside-the-beltway politician.

  6. I Love President Trump moe and moe every day.
    Also The Canada Free Press: Because without America,there is no free world. IOTW REPORT also. MAGA

    Keyboard is stalling pissing me off

  7. He was a man with a warm and gentle heart
    But when they’d the arguin’ and fightin’
    Frightenin’ and lightning fast was he
    There was no coyote who could outshoot
    The Man from Laramie.
    He had a flair for the ladies
    The ladies loved his air of mystery
    Danger was this man’s specialty
    So they never bossed or double crossed
    The man from Queens, New York.
    Thank you Jimmy Young for a great song.

  8. The best thing is, the dems may never understand how they have been owned. They can’t seem to comprehend how smart Trump is (or how dumb they are)

  9. Thank you Jimmy Young for a great song, Jimmy Stewart for a great American movie, and President Trump for a great first year. MAGA

  10. I’m glad to see Thomas Wictor getting some well-deserved attention. I’ve been following him on Twitter and he has a very special mind.


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