Trump has been dogging McConnell all day, and oh look . . . he’s still doing it

CFP: Don’t believe for a minute that Beltway politicians have no fear of Donald Trump, although every conventional political operative will tell that’s the case because Trump lacks “political capital.” That means he’s not very popular right now so politicians figure they will pay no price for ignoring him when he implores them to do things.

But Trump has something past presidents did not have: Nerve. Everyone tells Trump not to pick fights with the Senate Majority Leader? Trump picks them anyway. Everyone tells Trump not to tweet? Trump tweets twice as much. Everyone tells Trump it’s untoward to attack members of your own party? Trump steps it up.

One of the reasons the political class was so uniform in its opposition to Trump was the fear that he would do this very thing. When politicians ignore the priorities of the people for their own selfish reasons, presidents are supposed to just shrug their shoulders. I believe George W. Bush was a much better president than he tends to get credit for, but one of his biggest mistakes was his reluctance to fight with the Republican Congress he had from 2001 to 2006. They were reluctant to do all kinds of things Bush wanted them to do, including health care reform, entitlement reform, tax reform and removing the shackles on domestic energy resources. Bush was raring to go on all these things, but Beltway Republicans preferred to keep spending and taxing in the usual Washington way, so long as they money could go to Republican-approved recipients.

Bush was afraid that a public fight with a Congress of his own party would produce a Democrat Congress. So he did not pressure them, they did very little that they should have done, and we ended up with a Democrat Congress anyway.

But according to conventional thinking, Bush did it the right way. Trump, on the other hand, is an unhinged lunatic because he keep publicly telling Mitch McConnell it’s not OK to not do his job.  more here

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  1. That picture on CFP says it all. End of story. Turtle boy is a fence post turtle. He should have worked for a living so he could understand the rest of us. Loser.

  2. I’ll know the deed is done when I see this posted……” ‘ELLO MITCH…..have you any penguins?”

  3. If you need to change the senate rules do it.
    If you have to take the 7 Stabbing in the back GOP senators off committees do it.
    No more delays, no more excuses, do what the American Public put you there to do or resign the position.
    It isn’t Trump you are obstructing it’s the will of the American People. Remember Mitch? These are the same people who gave our government a GOP House, Senate and President to get this done “AS YOU PROMISED”.

    You may Baffle your Kentucky constituency with your whining and false excuses, but the rest of the Nation isn’t buying it. It’s time to Grow a pair Mitch.

  4. Email to Mitch:

    Quit blaming everyone else for your failure to lead!

    I was a new KY resident, during your last election. My son warned me against you, saying I might as well vote for the democRAT, because you were so horrible.

    Well, I have learned. The sick, elementary school excuses you give for failing to get the GOP to support President Trump, is disgusting. I’ve heard you referred to as “the turtle”. I couldn’t figure that out until I became a constituent of yours and paid attention! You are like a turtle; move slowly, speak softly, if at all, and pull your head in at the first sign of contention.

    Darn it, I am beginning to wish I was a democRAT, just because they stick together, move boldly, and fight for their party.

    I personally dislike the idea of bigger government, but with whishy, washy, ethically limp, Chicken Little, “I can’t” GOP leadership, who WON’T EVEN SUPPORT THE REPUBLICAN ELECTED PRESIDENT, have the majority of both houses AND millions of crossover and independent voters ON THEIR SIDE, I may as well change my party affiliation.

    You and the anti-Trump GOP, are clearly displaying the complete contempt you have for those of us who put you in office. You will not be getting any type of support from this awakened and very angry voter.

  5. mitch is hx.

    we need those 100 Senator Trumps ( or at least 60) and 350+ Congressman Trumps. And a millions of Trumpesque beaurocrats.

  6. Fence Post Turtle? Naw, we hang the gator turtles on the barbed wire, holds them better.

    I think that would be just great for Bitch Mcconnel to be hung with also.

  7. Hey, people of Kentucky, of the blue grass and lovely streams, and wonderful horses — is this horrid man the beat you can send to DC? What gives?

    Mitch needs to be working with OUR President to make OUR great country even greater. But it’s like he’s not doing a flipping thing to help.

    You need to talk to your boy or fire him.

  8. I do not want the Senate rules changed.
    Imagine if Schumer ran the Senate and there’s an Obama-like president.
    We’d have every loony Democrat idea passed into law.
    The country would literally be ruined.
    The 60 vote rule in the Senate protects us from the craziest Democrat ideas becoming law.

  9. It takes strong leadership to get the rest to follow. Strength and purpose is contagious. With no leader people follow their own path.

  10. What I don’t understand is why in the world Trump endorsed Mitch’s boy running for Sessions senate in Alabama.

    It’s fine to attack Congress, but why endorse a RHINO, whicheck are the ones that have made promises and broken them.

  11. I was just doing the same as the cat (perfect that it’s black and had that ‘devil-may-care’look!)–but then, I’m NOT the leader of the U.S. Senate, am I….


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