Trump Honors Civil Rights Icon Barbara Jordan ‘Who Called for End to Chain Migration’

( – President Donald Trump on Wednesday honored civil rights icon Barbara Jordan, the first African-American woman to serve in the Texas Senate, who went on to become the first woman to serve Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a presidential message honoring Jordan, Trump pointed out that Jordan was an advocate for responsible immigration management.

“‘It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.’ With this simple, common-sense perspective, civil rights icon Barbara Jordan challenged our Nation’s leaders to maximize opportunities for all Americans by adopting an immigration policy that puts American citizens first,” the president said.

Trump noted that throughout her career, Jordan “recognized that an immigration policy that puts Americans first is an important civil rights issue.”

“As Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform—now called the Jordan Commission in her honor—she stood up to special interests determined to profit politically and financially from our broken immigration system. She remained steadfast in promoting common-sense reforms that would better protect the rights and needs of Americans,” the presidential message stated.

Trump also noted that Jordan “called for an end to chain migration, which has allowed millions upon millions of low-skilled foreign nationals to compete for opportunities and resources against our most vulnerable American citizens—many of whom come from African-American and Hispanic-American communities.”  MORE

6 Comments on Trump Honors Civil Rights Icon Barbara Jordan ‘Who Called for End to Chain Migration’

  1. Nice article from last year about the Jordan Commission, which was formed in 1990 and first reported in 1994. Gee, that’s right about when Bill made those now-historic comments about illegal immigration in his SOTU address.
    A couple of quotes from the article:
    Jordan demanded that illegal and legal immigration levels be dramatically reduced.

    Her first report in 1994 opened with the monumentally sensible statement, “The credibility of immigration policy can be measured by a simple yardstick: People who should get in, do get in; people who should not get in are kept out; and people who are judged deportable are required to leave.”

  2. Barbara Jordan once said, It isn’t black power or green power we need, it’s brain power. But the Congressional Black Caucus and other brainless blacks have thrown Barbara Jordon to the curb. They want open borders. She didn’t. Check out Bill Clinton’s speech on immigration (1994) where he calls for closed borders and mentions Barbara Jordan. Demorats are such phonies.

  3. Leftists heads explode. Free thinking, patriotic, black Democrat woman not interested in self destruction or being a traitor to her country and sabotaging American sovereignty. Shocker.
    Marxist media reaction -*crickets* – Then they flip the script.
    Jordan would have changed her mind given the current immigration “crisis”. Never underestimate the idiocracy of the left.


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