Trump is bringing back America’s coal industry

CFP: The media may think President Trump’s job is to make comments about race riots, but it’s actually to govern – making policy decisions and ensuring the smooth operation of the executive branch of the government. That involves more than the palace intrigue you often hear about at the White House. Far more importantly, it involves the decisions the president makes on a variety of matters that impact the lives of ordinary Americans.

It hasn’t been easy to make decisions that require the consent of Congress because the current Congress contains so many frauds and cowards, not to mention any specific names like John McCain, Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski.

But one of the benefits of succeeding Barack Obama, who enjoyed governing by executive order, is that such orders can be overturned by new executive orders. And on the matter of coal production, President Trump has produced some excellent results for the U.S. economy while everyone is wringing their hands about Civil War statues:  MORE

8 Comments on Trump is bringing back America’s coal industry

  1. Bozo thought he could just dance around every structure put in place to ensure the people made those kind of calls. I for one enjoy watching Trump dismantle everything that bucket of snot tried to force upon the public regardless of how they felt. His dwindling legacy is disappearing before his eyes.

  2. Cheap abundant energy, and energy independence, are beneficial and liberating things. There is no free lunch. If you don’t want to use electric power, move into a tent and sell your car. ‘Renewables’ are a joke and only morons who cannot add or flunked chemistry buy that nonsense.

  3. @Freedom Fighter,
    imo that is why AlGore, et al, preemptively proclaimed CO2 a pollutant. Gasification produces much CO2. It also happens to produce excellent clean fuels, waxes and other very important industrial commodities. Instead of investing a few billion in gasification plants, we wasted a trillion on bird-eating windmills, fuel cells and lithium clown cars.

    When criminals like obama ran the show, and extorted Energy Sec Chu into non-scientific positions, the writing was on the wall. Add in a criminal Congress that mandated corn ethanol, because Peak Oil (!), and behold the titanic drag on the US economy.

    Unleash the kraken, President Trump!

  4. Coal’ s biggest enemy right now is low cost LNG. Power plant conversions away from coal won’t be converting back and the majority of the remaining ones were built pre-1959.

    A couple of basins are starting to re-emerge but those ones impacting WV and that area are going to face a slow recovery.

  5. Remember Gov Palin proclaiming all-energy and more of it?
    NG, coal, petroleum all have merit and different benefits. And they are abundant here on our continent.
    And when we’re ready to advance energy, and do it cleaner, it will be nuclear.


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