Trump Knocks The Stuffing Out Of The ObamaCare Mandate

Thanks to the tenacity of President Trump moving the behemoth a.k.a. the GOP, we are free to NOT PAY for something we DON’T WANT, that Barack Obama and the Democrats foisted upon the American People!  MORE @ All the Right Snark.

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  1. It’s kind of ironic that obamacare was saved as a result of being declared a tax, and then on the flip side the fact that it was a tax allowed for it to be repealed in a tax bill that only required a majority vote.

  2. Ocrap was unconstitutional from day one because of the mandate. Everybody who voted for that in any capacity should be removed from whatever from whatever position they have now.

  3. TO joe6pak and jerry manderin

    Way back when the awful Supreme Court decision was reached, some pundit made the point that Judge (I think it was) Roberts surreptitiously laid the foundations for the law’s demise with exactly that
    ‘it’s a tax” rationalization.

  4. TO Extirpates

    ONLY PROBLEM NOW IS: now that THAT portion (mandate) has been removed, is the rest constitutional?!? YUK! I hope not.

  5. I just bought new insurance because Anthem/Blue Cross dropped coverage for me, even though I am not subsidized they dropped out of individual plans for the Los Angeles market. So I got Blue Shield, get to keep my doctor from pre-0bamacare, and for another 30% increase which makes a 178% gain over 5 years. Since I am between jobs I am hoping to land in one that will include health insurance, so I guess for now I’ll keep the new plan. But I will sure be looking for cheaper, better plans if I end up staying on an individual plan.

  6. TO LCD
    I’m NOT saying it was good that Roberts did what he did.
    OF COURSE it would have been better if he had said the whole thing was unconstitutional.
    But, I can’t change the past…can you?!?

    I’m saying – accepting the past as fact – that others ALREADY saw this as “potential subversion.”

  7. Regarding long term. The rinos better figure this shit out and start passing laws!
    The orders Trump has done can be reversed just as easily.
    This is what a banana republic descends to. The leader sets the rules and fires everyone that he can replacing them with his buddies. Aka the tribal governments on reservation.
    I am hoping for a budget getting passed for the first time in 8 years. The CR bullshit isn’t how this is supposed to work.
    Also it wouldn’t bother me if Trump got off the golf course.

  8. Some factoids:

    1. I never bought any ObamaCare “plan”.
    2. I NEVER paid the fine.
    3. I never had private health insurance.

    Nobody ever came after me.

    Fuck Obama.

    (mic drop)

  9. Obammy’s only legacy will be not enforcing our laws, giving Iran billions of dollars and a nuclear warhead program, and completely destabilizing the Urkraine, Asia, Iraq, Yemen, and all of North Africa.

  10. I think Poor Lazlo & others who paid the fine that never should have been imposed upon them deserve a refund!

    OT: I survived my surgeries and am home resting now, thanks in large parts to your prayers. I updated in the thread BFH posted for me, but it is a few pages back now so I figured I’d pop in here and let y’all know. THANK YOU for all your prayers & kind words, they made all the difference! I love you guys!

  11. All the squealing by democrats and Hollywood about health care and the poor, –well? When are they going to give up their millions and billions to help the poor pay for health care, condoms, and abortion?

  12. Happy NObama day, Y’all

    Bleach away the sick stain of Marxist idiocracy and tyranny that the Oboner has made on our Country one news cycle at a time. We have 8 years.


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