Trump Limo-Cam Video

Breaking News!!!!

Donald Trump was riding along in the presidential limo when CNN took a potshot at him as he drove by.  Quick thinking Donald activated the special “President takes over” rear seat driving controls and then LOOK OUT CNN!!!

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9 Comments on Trump Limo-Cam Video

  1. MSM Headlines: “Trump Runs Over, Kills Transgender Black-Identifying Peaceful Protester”

    So sad. Just when xe was turning xer life around, and xe was gonna start at Evergreen U and Transition in the fall.

  2. ya! looks like cnn was a pedophile hanging out by the school playground. Good job limo driver

  3. Charlie WalksonWater
    It was a 20 something fucked up girl who had taken a couple shots a cops. LEO did what they had to.

  4. a leo? and took shots? I had no idea, never saw it in the news. thought it was just some random road rage.

  5. Um..let’s not get to carried away with this meme stuff. Humor is one thing, tasteless is another.

    Now, if you wanted to post Saddam H. being hanged with CNN superimposed on his face, them I’m all down with that.


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