Trump Puts Steve Bannon in His Place

Bannon issued a statement saying that Donald Trump Jr. participated in a treasonous act with “the Russians.”

Steve Bannon must not be getting enough attention.

The president offered this statement-

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  1. Bannon is such a d-bag. What’s he trying to accomplish with this crap?? He’s also ruined Breitbart. I used to go there all the time but now it’s just a place for kooks to talk about how they don’t like Jews

  2. “Any dirt on Clinton that came out of the sitdown could then “be dump[ed] … down to Breitbart or something like that…” Bannon said.

    He’s a loser trying to stay relevant after having is ass handed to him. Now watch the MSM fall in love with him. At least temporarily to pick his carcass clean.

  3. Wow. Haven’t heard anything from Bannon yet. What’s up with him? I know he hates Kushner and Ivanka, but damn!
    This is like some Godfather shit. lol. Not defending Bannon, but the lefty writer of the book, Wolff, is even hated by the left for being obnoxiously dishonest.

  4. I’ll reserve judgment here.

    All of these quotes, hyped by Drudge all morning long, come from a fantasist named Michael Wolff who has been repeatedly criticized his entire career for making up quotes out of whole cloth.

    Bannon hasn’t been camera shy and he is denying it on his twitter feed:

    Hey, your buddy is talking shit about you over there. You gonna let him get away with that?

  5. My inclination is to agree with Cliche. My first thought on seeing the Bannon ‘quote’ was same as when I see a leftist ‘quote’ Trump – what’s the source, and can I hear a recording of it?

    Trump’s camp should have thought the same.

  6. Bannon is absolutely right, POTUS should not have had his family involved in the campaign or administration other than photo ops. Without Bannon pushing his agenda I’m not sure Trump would have made the invasion an issue.

    Truth be told, if I had to pick, I’d pick Bannon.

  7. “Too good to check” quotes usually are. Drudge hates Bannon. I thought everybody was dumping on Drudge within the last month.

    If Bannon even remotely believed any of these quotes, why hitch his little red wagon to Trump’s star?

    Outside of Roger Stone, he has not had a more enthusiastic supporter – even recently.

    Read Wolff’s Twitter feed. He is only self promotion and lies to do it.

    What it does say is that they evidently can’t pick up a phone to call each other.

    Video, recordings or it didn’t hapen.

  8. Whether the Bannon quotes are true or not, if Trump found out something about him while he was at the white house, ie: Bannon has a big mouth or he was leaking to the press, then this is the excuse to bury the friendship once and for all.
    But I do think they both better get on the phone and compare notes to see what was really said, and why.

    And fuck Drudge. He wants to ‘make’ sensational news instead of report it. I haven’t been to his site in over 2 years.

  9. There is something really off about the Bannon/Trump feud exploding today. I’m going to reserve judgement on all of it until I’m reasonably sure it’s not part of some leak hunt.

  10. The gamesmanship of division through fake news.

    Coming from the Guardian and the New York Post, both stellar conservative publications.

    McCONnell must be pleased, he’s been exonerated from manufacturing the defeat of Moore, screwing the Senate, Alabama and the Trump Agenda.
    Sure, it was all Bannon’s fault, McCONnell’s hands are clean.

  11. Technically, it is a loss for bannon because he stuck his neck out. But hey, McConnell didn’t win, either. Not only didn’t he win, he cut off $$$ to Moore, who still nearly beat Jones without the GOPe’s help. lol.

  12. I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this. If you start badmouthing Trump’s family you will have a problem with Donald, and remember, he fights. I’m driving all day today so I’ve had the radio on sometimes, you should hear that sniveling little worm, Michael Medved go on about this. What a whiner he is.

  13. I always thought it was odd with all the leaks we had the press saying Bannon is the brain behind Trump’s presidency. He wasn’t there in the beginning, like Trump mentioned, he came on later. If anything he was onboard right before the time they tried to get Trump to be more conventional. Let Trump be Trump. I have no doubt who’s brain is in action. Even with Ivanka and Jared in his ear Trump has refreshingly stayed Trump.

  14. Also withholding judgment here. With these two guys, you never know if it’s *real* or a setup to “appear” to be a “squabble” for – ahem – other purposes.

    These are the days of Kabuki and Magic!

  15. To keep with the lterary / board game theme, Wolff fancies himself Iago from Othello.

    Turning enemies against each other with lies for personal gain.

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