Trump Threatens To ‘Send In The Feds’ If Chicago Doesn’t Fix The ‘Carnage’


President Donald Trump threatened to send federal agents into Chicago if the city doesn’t curb its skyrocketing murder rate.

“If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible ‘carnage’ going, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!” said the president in a tweet Tuesday.

It was unclear which federal agents Trump was referring to, but Chicago’s remarkably high murder rate has garnered national attention over the past year. Trump claimed in August that the city’s murder problem could be solved “in a week” if police were allowed to be “very much tougher.”

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15 Comments on Trump Threatens To ‘Send In The Feds’ If Chicago Doesn’t Fix The ‘Carnage’

  1. The left shall rise against the anti-christ for
    this one. Watch them discuss Trump declaring martial
    law and bringing in out of state National Guardsmen,
    and wringing their hands as everybody will be killed
    with a gun.

    I think he’s offering sage advice from experts.

    We’ll see.

  2. Paging the Untouchables.

    “Do you know what a ‘blood oath’ is, Mister Ness? Good, because you just took one.”

    Chicago 2017 is a lot like Capine’s Chicago.
    Round up the gangs. Many will choose to be killed resisting arrest. But the violence can be suppressed to acceptable levels.
    Race hustlers, including Soros’ BLM, are part of the problem and will have to be arrested and RICO’ed.

    And the Left will squeal, which will reveal to Middle America whose side they’re really on.

  3. I would send in weapons instructors, teach them how to shoot better. Let’s get that count up.
    Why didn’t Obama send in the Feds? Apparently he was ok with the shootings.

  4. One thing that would help would be to allow and encourage law abiding citizens to defend themselves with concealed carry guns.

    But since much of this carnage is undoubtedly gang wars and drive-bys and other such black on black crime…. it might take assistance from a federal task force.

    How much of this is due to crap-tastic Rules of Engagement?

  5. I know! We need to pass a law that outlaws guns! That’ll do it.

    Actually, the answer is to enforce the laws we have, which is the answer to the illegal immigrants too. Every one of these shooters has a long record of convictions but is out on the street because we dont enforce the 5-10-life law for felonies with a firearm.

  6. @rib nailed it.

    We don’t need MORE laws. We just need to enforce those already on the books. In Cook County, 97% of the career criminals and convicted felons (excluding public officials, of course), who are prohibited by Federal law from possessing a firearm, are never charged under Federal laws they broke. Instead, they will plead out on state violations, serve some single-digit or low double-digit time down state, where they hone their criminal skills and “network”. The alternative is to take the 20-25 years (with no ‘good time’ or parole) hanging over their head on Federal, and add that to their state time.

    With illegals, if you just enforce the CURRENT Federal laws from the 1986 Immigration Reform Act, they will not be able to work or collect benefits and will self-deport. So, when the Left asks about deporting 9-10 million people, the standard reply should be, “Let them deport themselves”. Require employers to use e-Verify and seek the maximum punishment for repeat offending employers, which can include criminal jail time. No work? No freebies? They go home.

  7. Chicago will never change, it’s full of bed wetting liberals. The only way the laws in this state will ever be properly applied is if suburban middle aged white doods start having shootouts in the middle of Englewood.

    Since that’s not happening and 97% of all the shootings are committed by the liberally protected blacks. You can shit in one hand and wish into the other, we all know which hand fills first.

  8. The nevertrumpers are saying he wants marshal law. Which is why twitter can be a problem because it is up to interpretation. The daily caller article said president only sends in troops, but DOJ often goes in and helps struggling police departments. Obama sent in the Feds of course it was to make sure the cops weren’t racists.

  9. Should he move on this Trump will gain the support of the majority of the black community who have been longing for law and order on their streets.

  10. Chicago can be fixed by simply enforcing the existing laws. Make law and order the new rule of the day and watch the rats scurry to their dens of iniquity. The last 8 years of Liberal Legal Lunacy has left this nation on the brink of social collapse.

  11. I’m not sure what Trump can do either. He could send in a bunch of US Attorneys and start laying Fed charges as was mentioned by another commenter but past that what can the Federal Government do in what is basically a State and City affair. Even then you can be sure that the city will fight the feds on jurisdictional issues all the way and the BLM and other assorted douchebags along with the ACLU and the SPLC will be sticking their oars in.

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