Trump Tweaks CONnecticut Senator DICK Blumenthal About Stolen Valor

21 Comments on Trump Tweaks CONnecticut Senator DICK Blumenthal About Stolen Valor

  1. That’s a LOT more than I, as a V/Nam vet, could ever hope to do.
    Would hurt an ordinary man, Bloomers is a duck’s ass, roll off.

  2. I love this President! He’s afraid of no one. Trump knows Comey doesn’t have shit on him. If Comey had ANY evidence on Trump it would come out now.

  3. Blumenthal should be called out for what he is, a lying, stolen valor thief who falsely claimed and implied he served in Vietnam, to gain personal advantage. Blumenthal has dishonored himself and all those veterans who served in Vietnam and all other combatant conflicts.

  4. So sad that both Sir Hillary Rodham Clinton and Richard Blumenthal needed to crassly and fraudulently enhance their resumes by pissing on the earned valor of true heroes!

  5. How does anyone vote for a POS that has shown such disregard for those that have served honorably? What a lowlife shithead he is. Keep pouring it on Trump!

  6. Don’t ever take tweeting away from the President. He gets to the people without going through the media and his tweets are usually lethal.

  7. what a dickhead, worse even than warrens native American claims for special preference in hiring.

    who votes for these people ?

  8. Who votes for these people? The lofos. As long as there is a “D” after their name, the lofos will vote to keep the flow of free goodies.

  9. “Stolen Valor Blumenthal”.

    Cried like a baby & begged for forgiveness”.

    I love POTUS Trump. No way the MSM can censor his tweets. No way to alter them to prevent the arrow hitting the mark. They are reduced to either ignoring the tweet or reprinting it, with Blumenthal’s lame attempt at spin as the “story”.

    Trump also is a master at moving the news cycle along. Comeys firing is sooooo May 09. Next up, Blumenthal’s stolen valor.

    These Senators have been accustomed to deferential kid gloves treatment for their entire careers. Now they’re faced with a siting POTUS who openly calls them lying sacks of feces. They have no defense.


  10. I like having a President who calls out the lefties on their lies and hypocrisy.

  11. I love how Trump sticks it to his opponents. He just hits them with the screw driver and then drives it in twisting as he goes.

  12. These fools should be marked with a Z for Zorro. Every time Pres. Trump reciprocates they’re slashed and marked for life. Trump should frame the tweet & have it sent to Blummie to hang next to his medals.

  13. This must be what it was like to have a real man as president and not some whimperin’ run for my mommie wanna be.

  14. Sending a guy here in Georgia to prison for a while for claiming a Purple Heart he was never awarded.

    Not for stolen valor, for fraud.

  15. I watch “Stolen Valor” now and then. Some of these assholes are pathetic. They dress up in uniforms with medals and ribbons to get discount meals and coffee from well meaning restaurants across the nation. When they a nailed by a real Marine, Soldier, Navy Seal, etc
    they give all sorts of stupid explanations. It’s comical at times, but can be irritating. Blumenthal is irritating. Then there are some sophisticated ones who manage to get phony papers and get VA benefits. Those are the bastards who should be keelhauled.

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