Trump Wants To Cut 19 Agencies


Here’s the list of the federal agencies targeted for elimination by the “budget blueprint” released this week by the Trump Administration.


Now watch to see which congress critters rush to save their favorite slice of pork. Like this one



18 Comments on Trump Wants To Cut 19 Agencies

  1. OK idiot. Let’s just keep spending a trillion dollars a year we don’t have and let the next generation figure it out. When did the democrats decide to eliminate responsibility? Every time the republicans try to control excessive spending, Nancy or some other idiot gets up and tells us about all the”investments” we will lose or how many children are going to die from starvation.

  2. A good start but there’s a long way to go. We have to make very unpopular and painful cuts in Federal spending to avoid economic collapse. In spite of what the democrats and MSM are telling us, it is impossible to drink your way to sobriety or spend your way out of bankruptcy.

  3. Never underestimate the stupidity of “Republicans”, their opposition to Trump’s budget will reveal an even deeper contrast between those true conservatives and those just wearing the uniform.

    I hope those just wearing the uniform are voted out in favor of those who are willing to do the work.

  4. I read where Julie Andrews griped about the ‘arts’ needing to be supported by the government.
    The only reason cave men painted on the walls, was because they had full bellies, the cave was secure for the time being, and that chores tied directly to survival (making arrows, fixing clothes) were completed for the day and they had leisure time, and abundance of resources.
    We do not have that luxury now.
    We need our resources to combat the dangers of today.
    We do not have extra money, being 20 Trillion in debt.
    I would start asking for refunds

  5. The left wants gun confiscation so bad, PDT should give it to them: Disarm every federal agency which has no business keeping its own arsenal, yet does so.

    Yuge savings. And a good bureaucratic attitude adjuster.

  6. Julia Andrews is right and she should start her own non-profit to support the cause she loves so much. Then she can have a greater say over what activities get funding and can stop worrying about keeping the government grants coming.

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  8. click on “HERE”?

    Jeebus! Dude, next time warn us we’re going to be clicking on a Y’AllTube video of that SaranWrap-faced Seahag, Nancy Pelosi. She’s History’s Greatest Monster!

  9. If we just moved to a gold standard these programs would self implode because they won’t be funded by debt. Even our “wealth” is measured by how much debt we have. $20,000,000,000,000 in debt equals DJIA 20,000. Not a coincidence.

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